What exactly is StuCo?


Dacula Student

Student Council volunteers at Hamilton Mill Food Bank to kick off the food fight

Are you interested in making a difference at your school alongside your peers? If so, then you should join Student Council! Stuco members are in charge of organizing events as well as addressing issues and concerns here at Lanier. Being a part of Stuco is a great way to have a say in what goes on at your school. If you are unsure about whether or not you should join, here is some more information about what they do!
Mrs. LeMaster is the teacher in charge of Stuco here at Lanier. In her words, “Stuco is a group of leaders in the school who make decisions on behalf of their class… they are the liaison between the students and the staff. If they see something really wrong with the school, they are the ones who… can change that.” If you were wondering why you should join, and/or what benefits come with joining, Mrs. LeMaster makes some great points as to why, she says, “Students should join because it’s a great learning opportunity, and a great opportunity with leadership- if you ever want to be in a leadership position later on, it’s great practice and it looks great on college applications.” Stuco has been involved with a lot of things including planning Homecoming and Prom, pep rallies, holiday boxes, food drives, teacher appreciation, and community service. On top of that, they are also in charge of The Herd. As you can see, Stuco is a great opportunity for students to get involved here at Lanier, as well as meet new friends.
If you are interested in joining Stuco after hearing more about it, definitely make sure to sign up via their Google Form and follow them on Instagram @lanier Stuco.