Mask mandates continue in Gwinnett County


Ashley Kenney

Students mask up to stay safe!

The pandemic has affected every aspect of our daily life in many different ways. People have been on and off about if masks are explicitly necessary for the prevention of the COVID- 19 pandemic. Many states around our nation require or insist on the use of masks in public, this includes schools, businesses, and public transportation. My opinion is that masks should be enforced depending on the scenario. You can not force people to believe something is helpful; they have to find out for themselves. Some scenarios that I personally think people should wear a mask should be where there are many people, or where there are many elderly people and there is not an effective way to social distance. Many people have their own opinion about mask mandates but to keep everyone safe mask mandates are helpful. According to A.A.R.P, the states that have mask mandates are the following: California, Alaska, Connecticut, New York, ext. The few states that don’t require mask mandates are Georgia, Arizona, and others.

Mask mandates have been enforced through the county for eight months during the pandemic, but the question is whether the masks are beneficial to prevent the spread and catch of the COVID-19 virus. Some studies say that the use of masks does not show significant numbers of people getting infected by COVID. Social distancing, on the other hand, does lower the rate of COVID cases by a significant rate. The Center for Disease and Control recommended mask-wearing earlier in the pandemic to keep the public safe from the newly spread virus that there was little known of. They claimed that the more people that wear masks, the better it is to keep everyone healthy.

In Gwinnett county, it is not required to utilize a face mask when in public places unless a private business calls for one. Another scenario where masks are required is in schools due to the popular demand of the parents. More than 30 percent of students in public schools throughout Georgia are wearing masks and practicing social distancing. This helps our country stay safe and prevent others from contracting Covid-19. Gwinnett county is very prominent about mask-wearing in public buildings, but outside of school it is a person’s own decision if the individual wants to wear a mask or not to embrace this practice, but it is always important to be aware of the safety of others and yourself.

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