Fall sports senior night


Todd Willis

Cross country 2022 seniors at senior night Jacob Blakey (12), Erika Conzo (12), Sofia Martinez (12), Emily Chamberlin (12), Alyssa Willis (12), Makayla Bowman (12)

Congratulations to the longhorn seniors for their hard work and determination. Most seniors are starting their fourth year in their sport and some even plan on continuing their sport in college. Senior Night started with the coaches of both spirit cheer and football announcing the seniors on their teams. Family members of each senior were able to walk onto the field with their graduating student to recognize and support all they have done throughout their athletic and academic career. As they walked down the field, the colleges, military programs, and dream jobs that seniors are hoping to have were announced. A lot of the seniors agreed that the team’s family aspect of sports is the most rewarding part. It is a great way to build close friendships and learn things that will stick with you forever.
Senior Luke Jones from the football team said that he will remember the family feeling of the team most. “You’re playing a team sport, and you build such a bond with your teammates that it’s kind of there forever,” he said.
Lexi Richards, a senior from spirit cheer, gives some good advice. She has learned and wants others to learn that it’s always good to keep going and never give up, and adjust to the new norms.
During the brief intermission between the first and second quarter of the game, cross country, softball, and competition cheer seniors were able to walk onto the field as teams. Although they were not able to walk out with their parents, they were still recognized as a team for doing hard work and contributions to their fall sport.
Something Emily Chamberlin from cross country said was “I’d rather finish a race last, then not finish…Just the let down of going somewhere and not finishing what you came to do.”
Perseverance is something that all the seniors have learned. Each sport is different and each has their own challenges, but the players, and most of all the seniors, understand it is best to keep going.
Half-time is something that everyone likes to watch, filled with cool music and mesmerizing synchronization. It is where the marching band and the color guard perform for the audience. While these seniors were on the field, they were also recognized for all they have accomplished in their programs. Not only are these seniors a part of sports and band, they are also involved in other clubs and programs. They have learned to balance school and extracurricular activities because they know that in order to do what they want later in life, they must excel academically first. Each senior has their own hopes and dreams of what they want to do with their life and goals they want to reach. Along with having their own goals, they also help those younger than them establish goals by encouraging them to tackle hard challenges, and be the best they can be no matter what they are doing.
Everyone always has the thought of quitting at some point during hard times but these seniors have been going at their sports a lot of their life. Fun, successful, amazing, motivating, best year: these are a few words some seniors chose to describe what they hope the rest of their senior year will look like. Congratulations again to the longhorn class of 2022!