Meet the executive herd leader: Joey Graham


Ms. King

Joey Graham playing a Lacrosse game.

At Lanier High School, there is nothing compared to when football season comes around. The players ready to defeat their opponents, the cheerleaders ready to get the crowd on their feet, and, most of all, the student section called “The Herd” ready to proudly cheer on their school. This year’s executive Herd Leader Is Joey Graham, a Senior at Lanier High School. Joey Graham has been a Herd Leader for the past two years, and he is a captain on the lacrosse team here at Lanier.

As executive Herd Leader, Joey is in charge of making the weekly post on the Lanier Herd accounts like Lanier’s Twitter @LANIER_HERD and Instagram @lanierherd accounts to advertise who Lanier is playing, where Lanier is playing, information about the tailgate, and what time the game will start. Joey also does a lot of work behind the scenes that most people don’t know about. Joey has to communicate with the High School’s Athletic Director, Matt McDonald, on most, if not all, of “The Herd’s” activities. For example, the spirit bus that most of the student section rode on to Dutchtown High School was a result of Joey speaking with administration. Joey is also responsible for ordering supplies for tailgate and football games. He orders the paint for people to get prepared for that gameday’s theme, the powder for the Lanier student section to throw up in the air at kickoff. He also orders small things depending on the theme of the game. Since the Dutchtown game was Construction Out, he ordered Construction hats for the Herd.

I asked Joey, “What does he do as the head Herd Leader?” which he responded with, “The job entails a lot more than people realize. A lot of it is making sure everyone stays happy, planning out the tailgates, planning the football themes, checking with the school to get them all confirmed. A lot more stuff than people realize and it’s kind of a hard job to explain but it’s a lot harder than people realize.”

I followed up with, “Why did he want to take the position as Herd Leader?”Joey said, “I’ve seen the guys before me, and I see the impact it can have on the school kinda like what it does for the culture and I kinda wanted to take over for those guys and see what I can do and help really reunite the Ranch.”

“How do you plan on reuniting the Ranch?” I asked. Joey replied, “Tryna bring back the true family environment ….. to the Herd and not make it just for Seniors or just for a specific group of kids and tryna make it whole one big family and that everyone is welcome to the Football games, everyone is welcome to the Softball games or any sporting event, fine arts or club at school.”

Lastly I asked, “What are some cool features about your job?” He replied with, “I get to work with a lot more teachers and administration than people probably realize …. administrators and teachers are on board with the students and like kind of really bringing the culture to the school.”

Overall, we are lucky to have Joey and him reuniting the Ranch and all his work in bringing the school spirit back to Lanier coming out of the pandemic. Good luck, Joey!