Small improvement or big help?

Why we need more mirrors in the common’s bathrooms


Ashley Kenney

Example of girls bathroom mirror setup

Imagine walking into the bathroom and BAM, there is a sea of people camping in front of the sinks trying to get a glimpse in the mirror. This can be obnoxious, especially if you are in a rush just trying to get in and out. However, there is a solution to this predicament!
An easy solution could be putting full body mirrors in the bathrooms, away from the sinks. If mirrors were on the far wall of the bathroom, there would be no crowds in the center of the bathroom. This layout would allow the students who are just trying to get in and out clear access to the sink while still allowing mirror access to those who need it.
Not to mention that students who have extracurricular activities have been using these tiny mirrors that barely show half your body! Each bathroom in the school has two mirrors: one that is tiny and at an odd height and another that is slanted downwards. With the mirrors that are slanted, you have to practically sit on the floor to see yourself. With the addition of full body mirrors, students would now have bigger mirrors that would make fixing hair and adjusting uniforms 100 times easier.
No longer being bombarded with people around the sinks, or not having to do backbends to get a glimpse into the mirror, students around the school would be thrilled for this addition, plus these mirrors would allow for less chaos, so why not invest in more?