Advanced Drama Club to host One Act competition


Teri Lance

Lanier performs “Clue” at One Act, 2020

The Advanced Drama class is excited to be hosting this year’s One Act competition. If you don’t already know, One Act is an event where high school theatre students prepare a play/musical to perform in front of a panel of judges, and the high school that places first will move on to State. For this year, Mrs. Lance, the theater director, has chosen The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, a musical that centers around an ambiguous middle school’s spelling bee.
This school year has been off to a rocky start for the advanced drama class. They had already chosen and casted their show, The Play That Goes Wrong, during the first couple weeks of school, but they experienced a major setback when their request to perform the show at One Act was denied. This turned the class into a frenzied, frantic mess. Students were spending the day researching plays and musicals that would best fit the class, and a few days later they settled on Spelling Bee.
This year’s competition at One Act is going to be tough, with Buford and now The School of the Arts in our region. However, Lanier has a strong drama program as well, considering they have been the runners up at one act for two years running. When asked how they plan to better their chances at winning, Mrs. Lance says, “We’ve had points taken off for our transitions the past two years, but this year I refuse to let that happen. No more black out transitions!” In addition to this, the cast will also be spending more time working on characterization to make their roles seem more believable. They have already spent time in academy working on this, and are in high spirits for One Act.
One Act is finally opening back up to allowing a larger audience, this year. Due to Covid, last year they could only watch the other schools’ shows on a live stream with poor camera quality. “It was like watching little dots on stage,” Mrs. Lance said. Fortunately, this year the schools are allowed to sit in the audience, in a designated section, to watch their competitions productions. In addition, there will also be a section of 75 seats open to any audience members, that will be cleaned after every performance.
Our drama program has been focused on community this year. Whether that’s getting more people involved in theater or just gaining more supporters, the drama club wants to expand their outreach. In order to keep involved with Drama at Lanier follow their instagram account @laniertheatrecompany.