We need more time between classes: two takes


Jose Luis Navarro


Do you have time to get to class and stop at your locker, or even stop and ask a teacher a question? Based on the responses I have got from other students, we do not have enough time in between classes to manage everything we need to. Having five minutes to go to your locker and walk to class is just not enough time. Especially if your locker and your class are on two different floors. Not only that, but switching class periods is the only break we get outside of lunch. Every student needs a mental break to switch from one class to another after cramming a handful of knowledge in your head.. Students simply need more time.

Not getting enough time to process things you have learned can cause failing grades or feeling overwhelmed. Not only for students but teachers; they need more time to get prepared for their next class and to give them time to calm down. Also for kids in gym class, they do not have enough time to fix their hygiene and change their clothes. They need to be able to finish these things and not feel rushed. In one article it said “According to an American Psychology Association study, after a 20-minute break, student’s scores improved by an equivalent of nineteen extra days of learning at school.”

According to many students (freshmen through seniors) and some teachers at Lanier High School, many people would love to have at least nine to ten minutes in between classes. One of them would be Caelis Fuenmayor, a junior at Lanier high school. Her opinion is, “The space between classes needs to be longer, like seven to ten minutes because of the long distances from class to class.”

According to the health and safety executives, after every 50 to 60 minute class you need at least five to ten minutes between classes, so the opinion on the time between classes varies at different schools. Since our classes are 55 minutes on most days and two times a week we have 90 minute per class, we need longer transition times in between our classes.

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