Hurricane Ida heads to land

Hurricane Ida was a category four tropical storm that hit the state of Louisiana on Sunday, August 29. The monsoon plowed through New Orleans, causing roofs of homes and hospitals to be destroyed, downed power lines and flooding. At least nine people were confirmed dead. In Grand Isle, 40-50% of businesses were destroyed and 100% of camps were gone. Bryan Adams, Director of Jefferson Parish Fire Services stated, “They’ve been knocked off the pillars, they’ve just been destroyed….” “The people are very sad,” said Adams. “A lot of people lost their homes, talking about how they don’t know whether they’ll be able to go back or not ….” Before the cyclone, Isle has already been going through issues regarding rising sea levels and sinking land.

At least 100 homes were demolished by a tornado which touched down in Edgewater, Maryland on Thursday, and in Western Maryland, 10 students and the driver had to be rescued from a school bus due to rising flood waters. On Sunday, September 5, The death toll continued to rise in the U.S northeast, as many were hopeful to find people within the flood waters. In Louisiana, nearly 600,000 residents are still without power. According to updated numbers, the death toll in Louisiana is at least 13 dead and 50 more killed as the hurricane moved up the East coast. 17 people have been confirmed dead in New York and four in suburban Westchester County, and as for the rest of the people of New York, they all were trapped in illegal basement apartments that are among the last remaining affordable options for low-income residents in the area, a government spokesperson said.

“The human toll was tremendous,” New York governor Kathy Hochul said, recounting a trip to East ElmHurst in the New York borough of Queens to assess the devastation. Hochul stated “ one woman wepted in my arms, an 89 year old woman. She had nothing left after living in that home for over 40 years.”

Moreover, New Orleans Police Chief Shaun Ferguson spoke briefly about a looting incident during a public safety update, alongside city leaders and officials during a news conference. “We continue to make numerous looting arrests throughout the weekend and will continue to do so.” said Ferguson. He also notes that residents and business owners have reported burglaries once they returned to their homes and businesses. The police department is working with the National Guard and other agencies to deter and respond to looting as some parts of the city are still without power and essential services.

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