Lanier’s driver’s education


Jose Quintanilla

Drivers Ed car

Lanier High School offers a Driver’s Education program for their students. In order to take the class, you’ll need to have your permit. In Georgia, Joshua’s Law Driver’s education is a requirement. It’s a 30 hr driving course and is required if you want to get your license before you turn eighteen in the state of Georgia. Lanier high school offers behind-the-wheel driving which opens the second semester of the school year. The driver’s education course will be online rather than in-person classes. The Lanier Driver’s Education program is run by Ms. Taylor, whom you can find in the Community School if you have any questions about the course. With the classes being online you can take your class anywhere on a device with ease. Taking driver’s education will help ease the worry your parents might have and have you prepared for the road ahead of you.

There are four ways to complete the requirement for your driver’s license:
Complete 30 hours of classroom instruction with six hours behind-the-wheel at a certified driving school, which includes 40 hours with a parent or guardian.
30 hours of classroom instruction at a certified school and 40 hours of parent-taught driving.
30 hours of online instruction with a certified virtual program, with six hours behind-the-wheel training at the certified school, and 40 hours of supervised driving with a parent or guardian, six hours must be at night.
30 hours of online instruction with a certified virtual program, with 40 hours of parent-taught behind-the-wheel training.

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