A better idea for academy time?


Ashley Kenney

A class at work

As we all know, students at Lanier High School usually use their Longhorn Time to either scroll on their phones, talk to their friends, sleep, or get their schoolwork done. This class takes place on Thursdays from 8:50-10:20 am. Instead, this time could be used for more useful things, such as longer lunches. By giving students more lunch time, it gives them a longer mental break with their peers to wind down and gives them more time to digest their food.
Giving students more time to eat their food promotes healthy digestion, better hydration, easier weight loss or maintenance, and simply more time to enjoy their food. Additionally, giving teenagers more time to relax and socialize with their friends reduces stress and symptoms from mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. Saniya Scott says, “…We need more lunch time, even more on our short class days, because it gives us more time to get our food.
This time could also be used for club meetings or anything that would usually only be able to take place after school. This would immensely help club members and leaders because having club meetings during school hours would mean less chances of members having schedule conflicts, the chance of gaining new members, and having more time to meet.
This could be changed by dividing up the time that Longhorn Time takes up. On Thursdays, there are a total of four lunch periods, giving students at least 15 extra minutes to eat. This will keep students happy, relaxed, and healthy. Therefore, giving students a greater longhorn day.

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