What keeps our players motivated?


Ashley Kenney

Lanier’s Trophy Case

At Lanier High School, sports are a very important part of our school spirit. However, the athletes have a lot on their plate, with school, work, clubs, and the sport they play. With all these responsibilities, we have to wonder what keeps them motivated to put in the hard work. There are hundreds of athletes at Lanier High School, yet there is no actual blueprint of what keeps our players motivated, so I talked to a few.

I’ve played soccer for about twelve years and my main motivators that keep me wanting to improve and play at my very best would be my family and me. My family has always wanted me to do well in everything I do and they have been supporting me and going to most if not all my games since I can remember. I always want to play well and improve for them. As much as I’ve always wanted to play well to not disappoint my parents, I would say my main motivator would be myself. I have always wanted to be the best player on any team I’ve been on and the best on any field I’ve played on. It sounds pretty selfish but that is what has pushed me to train and get better every day.

Reign Jarin, a junior on the varsity volleyball team says, ”People who support me help me stay motivated because they are the people who have given their time and energy for me, and I don’t want that to go to waste and disappoint them. That is why I try my best to keep working hard to keep improving and getting better.”

I also asked senior Ceasar Campos, the punter and kicker for the varsity football team this question and he says, “What motivates me are my parents because they came to the United States to be able to give my brother, sister, and I better opportunities and what keeps me going is wanting to make them proud.”

Zoe Zagotti, the two year varsity soccer player was asked what motivates her, and she says, “Not letting my teammates down and making sure I’m leaving everything on the field.” Furthermore, her main motivators off the field are always being in shape for both soccer and herself. As mentioned before she wants to help her team to its fullest potential, so being in shape is an additional motivator.

As a three year varsity soccer player myself, I would say ultimately the most important part of our personal motivators is that they keep pushing us to be our very best and without motivation in general, our lives and sports would not have purpose.