Gateway is back, but should it be a graduation requirement?


Jose Quintanilla

Student struggling in a writing class

Gateway is a writing test high school sophomores and juniors take which Gwinnett County uses to judge students on how they perform academically. It’s usually a test that is for Science, History, and Language arts that students have to pass in order to graduate and is used to collect data from students for information. However, due to Covid, Gateway has been canceled the last two years. But now, it’s back. I believe that Gateway is an irrelevant test that doesn’t add to students and teachers benefits whatsoever and it shouldn’t be a must-have to graduate. It has affected teachers and students’ way of teaching and learning. I do feel that Gateway is stressful for students and takes time away from teaching and learning. Gateway shouldn’t be a requirement that students need to take for their junior year, because students often already stress about tests enough and it wastes teachers time.
Ash Duncan is a senior at Lanier high school who has taken the Gateway. They said, “it’s not necessary because our information from taking the midterms is already used for county data.” This test has no gain to the county either; the finals and midterms are already collected; why should there be any other testing. Ash also stated, “it’s unnecessary and doesn’t benefit our grade at all.” Gwinnett County seeing these tests and grading them doesn’t prove the way kids work academically.
Some students learn and work very differently from others. For example, some students can be more visual learners, meaning that they learn and understand things by sight and picture. Auditory learners learn by listening. So Gwinnett County judging on how students learn is just completely unessential. Gateway is a point-less test that shouldn’t be used to prove how students work academically and overall just shouldn’t be a must-have to finish high school.