McDonald’s new Saweetie meal review: 2.5/5 stars


Matthew Laughlin

Sydney Scott eating the Saweetie Meal at McDonalds for the first time.

McDonald’s came out with a meal dedicated to an American female rapper with the popstar name of Saweetie, so of course the name of it is the Saweetie Meal. The Saweetie Meal is based on the multi-platinum, female rapper’s favorite McDonald’s signature items along with the newly packaged “Sweetie N’ Sour Sauce.” The signature items in this meal includes the delicious Big MacⓇ, Chicken McNuggetsⓇ (4 piece), medium french fries, and a medium Sprite. Let’s see if this meal is as big of a hit as her single, “Icy Girl.”
I ordered the meal exactly how it was intended to be and started off with the Big Mac. I think of the Big Mac as a double decker cheeseburger with an extra bun, lettuce, pickles, and Big Mac sauce. If you enjoy the Big Mac sauce, then you will love the Big Mac because the sauce is what makes the burger. Without its sauce, it would just be a bigger burger. Personally, I didn’t mind the sauce, so I thought the burger was a good choice for the main part of the meal.
The Chicken McNuggets were a simple but nice touch to the meal. There is nothing special about them, but it’s an option that never fails. This is when the sweet and sour sauce saves the day. The sweet and sour sauce adds a bit of flavor that isn’t just a salty, savory flavor. The sweet flavor with the nuggets, sauce-filled Big Mac, and salty fries makes for the perfect balance of flavor. Especially with a simple Sprite to wash everything down without leaving a lasting taste like Fanta or Coca-Cola in your mouth.
Overall, the meal is a good quality meal. It was just a bit more simple than I expected for such an iconic, over-the-top female rapper. Even though it wasn’t a life changing experience or the gift of heaven for my tastebuds, it was still a good solid meal option.

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