Update: GCPS and Covid

Recently, GCPS Covid cases have been soaring exponentially, just topping 1,000 cases earlier this week. “The school system said there are 1,041 active confirmed cases of the disease in the district’s schools,” stated Curt Yeoman from the Gwinnett Daily Post. Hence the reason why schools may need to take extra precautions. There is also talk of vaccines becoming mandatory, and students fearing the possibility of having to go back online. How will schools handle this issue? Are the students safe? Everyday the cases rise, the concern does as well, and the students and parents are demanding answers.
Currently, the school with the most active cases is South Gwinnett High with around 36 cases and 8 close contacts, recorded in August; compared with Lanier who had 13 cases. Students who are very cautious of Covid are worried about their own safety and what they should do, but as time has continued and September has rolled around the cases being recorded are coming down compared to August in GCPS. Students and teachers are starting to feel safer once again as schools return back to normal amidst the new Covid-19 Mask mandate.

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