Relay for Life is back

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While the pandemic has caused changes throughout the world, Relay for Life still plans on carrying out their 35 five-year long tradition. Since May 1985, the program has been a prominent figure in the fight against cancer ever since the founder, Gordy Klatt, started the movement. With only intending to provide to his local cancer charity, the efforts were appreciated from far and wide across the nation. Today, Relay for Life stands as the most well-known and supported organization with over 134,000 participants raising around $14 million each year for cancer research. Immediate services include, screening, treatment, rehabilitation, as well as the most accurate, scientifically proven information regarding cancer.
The program has planned events, coming to the community as soon as May, with the first one being the main “Walk” event. Other major events to look out for include the Mr. Lanier Pageant in the spring, and Pink Outs at the local football games. With the program being the world’s largest peer to peer fundraising event, they aim to accumulate between 15,000$ – 20,000$ in the county alone. Our director for the event here at Lanier, Mrs. Bernstein states, “We encourage all to participate in donations which 100% of which all go to cancer research.” Despite Covid being present in the community, we all look forward to coming together to remember our loved ones and take action for a lifesaving change for a brighter future.

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