Fun events to attend in Atlanta!

Jota Cartas

Are you a tourist here in Atlanta? Or are you a resident, and looking for new fun things to do?
Here are seven handpicked places to cure your boredom from being stuck at home.

1. The Atlanta International Night Market
Looking to try new food? Visit the Atlanta International Night market. There are many authentic food vendors with cuisines from all around the world. Ranging from Asian to Mediterranean dishes and everything in between. Also, many vendors have vegan friendly options.

2. Dubai in Atlanta Car Show
If you are a fan of cars, specifically super cars, you should come on down. Outside a massive Dave and Busters they serve delicious foods and offer entertaining arcade games to play. If you are looking to show off your ride you can enter to have your car shown off. Motorcycles are also shown at the event.

3. Starlight Drive-In Movie Theater
Bored of traditional movie theaters? Tired of stepping in spilled diet coke and popcorn, and wish you could enjoy movies from the comfort of your own car? Visit The Starlight Drive-in Movie Theater. Kids under 9 cost $1 for an admission and adults cost $10. This is a great place to go especially during these Covid pandemic times. Go with your friends, family, and other loved ones to enjoy some classic films.

If you enjoy classic pinball machines and classic arcade games, come on down to the Joystick Gamebar. Enjoy the luxury of the old school gaming aesthetic with neon signs, the sound of pinballs bouncing around, and arcade game themes. The JOYSTICK GAMEBAR is the perfect place for you. Enjoy the classics here.

5. Georgia Aquarium
Love marine and aquatic life? Visit the Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta to explore and learn about the over 130,000 species of aquatic animals from all over the world (in bodys of water that is). Featuring everything from penguins to huge hammerhead sharks and everything in between.

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