Food fight recap: over 11,100 pounds raised by Lanier!


Beverly LeMaster

Senior Ayron Lackey on Student Council’s first trip to Costco

This year, Lanier went against Dacula for a Food Fight. It went on from September 13th through the 23rd. Since this was Lanier’s first year doing the Food Fight, and Dacula’s sixth, we tried really hard to beat them.
What exactly is the Food Fight? As Mrs. LeMaster said, “It’s a canned food drive on steroids.” It’s where two schools face off to see who can raise the most pounds of food for local food banks. It is a friendly fight for who can get the most weight per student. Right now there are about eight other schools involved that are doing their own competitions as well. We started the Food Fight off with an event with both Lanier and Dacula kids volunteering at Hamilton Mill to help organize and package food.”
The food that everyone donated was dropped off every couple days at the North Gwinnett Co-Op and Sugar Hill Church. The North Gwinnett Co-Op is only about a three-minute drive from the school, so the food definitely went to Lanier families/students. The other portion of the food that didn’t go to the North Gwinnett Co-Op went to the Sugar Hill Backpack Program, where each week they send kids home with a backpack full of food for the weekend.
We did so much to promote the Food Fight. Football raised $10 per player, the cheerleaders went to all of the Lanier cluster schools and did a “carpool food drive,” Mrs. LeMaster and our StuCo held a field day on September 23, 2021 where you had to pay three dollars to get in. We raised a total of $1,500 just from the field day.
On September 23rd, the day before we found out who won, Mrs. LeMaster and some students from StuCo went to Costco. They had a total of $3,450 to spend on last minute food. Lanier ended the Food Fight with 11,105 pound of food, which is about 5.5 pounds per student. At half time of the Dacula game on September 24th, Mrs. LeMaster as well as Zoe Zagotti, Joey Graham, and Katelyn Mottlau (the students most involved in planning and executing the fight) went on the field along with Dacula’s representatives. The winner was announced and everyone freaked out when it was announced that Lanier had won. We raised 11,105 pounds which was 5.54 pounds per student and Dacula raised 13,425 pounds which was 5.4 pounds per student. The final score was a little too close for comfort, but it was all for a good cause and that’s all that matters. We all look forward to beating Dacula again next year, who will be out for revenge, so we will need all hands on deck and start preparing now!