Most iconic look from the Met Gala 2021

The Met Gala is an annual fundraiser event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. This gala, originally called the Met Ball, has been an outlet for the utmost respected designers to showcase their newest, and most iconic, pieces for years. These pieces are modeled by celebrities in all industries: fashion, film, music, and more. It is safe to say that whoever attends the Met Gala has an immense amount of pressure to impress not only the general public, but some of the most exemplary designers of all time. Although all of the attendees showed out with gorgeous and abstract attire, people have since voted on the best and worst Met Gala outfits.

The theme of the Met Gala this year was “American Independence”. With such a broad topic, the creative limits were endless for designers to truly showcase their fashion talents. When judging the best looks of the Met Gala, not only do we have to take in said theme, but we also have to consider how appealing to the eye it is.

Lupita Nyong’o did this flawlessly by wearing a Versace gown, capturing the theme with a simple, yet extravagant dress. Lupita graced the red carpet with denim, doing the unthinkable for such a high-end event. This made her gown one of the most iconic presentations at the gala, and she still managed to meet the theme’s standards. Denim is a staple piece that can be found in almost any American’s closet, whether it is in pants, jackets, jumpsuits, or so on. Founded in San Francisco, Levi Strattus was the first jean brand to hit the general public’s closets. To this day, jeans are still a staple in almost everyone’s closet all over the world, and they can thank Americans for bringing them to the everyday streets.

As well as she did the theme, she also brought her A-game when it comes to overall beauty. The Versace gown was hard to keep your eyes off as soon as it hit the carpet, including her captivating hair and makeup. These factors only added to the already beautiful Lupita, including her natural features. Her hair was structured in a way to show off a realistic look while also looking well done, displaying multiple different textures, and most definitely giving the rugged effect she was trying to achieve. Not only did her hair meet the mark, but her eye makeup truly pulled it all together. She kept it simple with a blue wing, matching the colors of her blue dress, which altogether pulled the colors from the dress onto her complexion.

If Lupita wants to up this look at next year’s Met Gala, she has a substantial challenge ahead of her.