Footloose Musical comes to Lanier

Mrs. Lance

The Lanier Theatre Company has already begun rehearsals for Footloose, and will continue to prepare for the show over the course of this semester. Our theater company at The Ranch has a vast assortment of projects that they do over the year. From Shrek to The Addams Family, their performances are always a blast. Let’s begin to dive deeper into the process of auditions, to what Footloose is even about, and the entire show overall.

So, how did Footloose start out? According to “Concord Theatricals” it says, “Footloose first burst onto the silver screen in 1984 and proved to be one of the year’s most successful motion pictures.” Having Lanier do a musical like this is definitely going to be something fun and enjoyable to watch. They also have two movies that have come out, showing its popularity over the years. The same article also says, “In 2011, Paramount Pictures’ remake of Footloose – with a screenplay by Dean Pitchford and the film’s director Craig Brewer – brought this heartwarming story and electrifying music to a whole new generation.” Movies that usually come from musicals or books tend to be very popular, so it’s pretty amazing that it’s coming to our school.

I conducted an interview with Mrs. Lance to get more insight on Footloose: The Musical.

What is Footloose about?
“Footloose is about a young man that moves from Chicago, to the small town of Bomont only to find out that the city has a law against dancing…so it’s about how he fights the system to bring dancing and joy into the town of Bomont. While he’s there he meets Ariel who he finds rather attractive.”

What will interest our viewers into watching this specific musical?
“So, it’s a fun musical [with] lots of classic songs they’re gonna know like Let’s Hear It for the Boy, Holding Out for a Hero. It’s [what] we call a rock musical with lots of fun rock music in it. It’s going to have some pretty amazing dancing, so if you like to watch some fun tricks on stage, that sort of thing.”

How was the audition process?
“It was actually a lot of fun, we had a week-long audition process … we started on Monday by learning the dancing they would have to do … by Friday they demonstrated their dancing with a group, and then in the middle of the week they came in at a time that they selected and they did either a monologue or a scene, a solo, or a song together as a group so we could hear them sing and act. So it was a lot of fun to hear everybody act, sing, and dance.”

Would you change anything about the audition process?
“Actually I think this year I would’ve given them less days to do monologues, scenes, and acting instead of three full days in the middle. I think we could’ve learned the dance…and just had a day or two of monologues and scenes because that kind of stretched out a little bit. We [also] had a digital day in the middle of the week so a lot of people weren’t here that day, so I think we could’ve just done two days instead of three.”

What do you think would interest people into auditioning next year?
“I think the best thing to get people to audition is to see a show. So once you see a show you think, “Hey I want to do that.” I also think people just need to have the courage to try. A lot of times what we face is people saying, “I’m too nervous to come out and sing.” So I think knowing that they can do a scene or sing with a group [and] not have to do a solo or monologue would’ve encouraged people to do that.”

You should definitely look forward to Footloose: The Musical. (Showtimes: January 21st, 22nd, 28th, and 29th at 7 o’clock).

Concord Theatricals. Footloose