Life in the student section


Kelsi Renuart (Senior)

The Lanier Herd family at Peachtree Ridge neon out

Sports are a big deal at Lanier High School, and during this time, a lot of the students come out to cheer on the team as they play. Students of all different genders, race, and grades fill the student section. Lanier students go all out; they dress to the theme and do whatever they can to help support their peers while they are on the field.
Ayron Lackey is a senior and part of the pads crew. He attends games because he has a passion for sports and loves the environment of the student section. Ayron said, “I love hyping up the underclassmen to keep the spirit up.” I asked Ayron what he hopes the student section is like next year; his response was, “I hope to have it packed out, and the spirit will keep increasing.”
Presley Wilmot is a junior. She is a part of the student section on game days because she loves the social factor of the crowd. When asked what she hopes for in the student section next year, she said, “I hope the spirit and the excitement continues to go up.”
Andrew Graham is also a junior. Andrew gets involved in the student section because of the family-like culture. When interviewed, he expressed his devotion to the crowd’s spirit, “Next year I hope to make sure everyone has a connection from any grades.”
On Friday September 17, 2021, there was a football game at Peachtree Ridge High School. Over 100 students came out and filled the stands to support the football teams and cheer them on. We had a tailgate in the Peachtree Ridge student parking lot. Lanier’s theme was neon out, and every student came dressed in neon from head to toe and covered themselves in paint during tailgate. Assorted students came and ate pizza, got painted up, and hung out with others. The Herd walked down to the stands together. Throughout the game, the crowd was on their feet yelling for Lanier. Lanier played a great game of football and beat Peachtree Ridge 25 to 10.