Officer Wood nominated for Axon Rise officer award


Victoria Rojas

Officer Wood

Officer Ronda Woods was nominated for the Axon Rise Officer award, for saving the life of a seven-month-old baby boy. On August 11, 2020, resource officer Ronda Wood was participating in a meet-and-greet at the Plantation Ridge apartments when two 16-year-old girls rushed over frantically to the group of officers. Immediately, Officer Woods noticed that the baby in their arms looked unresponsive. She then proceeded to calmly but quickly turn the baby around to try and free his airways. The baby had swallowed the debris of confetti from a birthday party.
Officer Woods stated that at the moment, she was just in the zone and was hoping that she could save him. “I mean the little girls ran to me with him and were relying on me, so of course I’m not gonna let a baby die in my arms … I just needed him to live,” said Woods.
In her seven years with the Gwinnett County School Police Department, Woods had never been in this type of situation before, but at that moment her training kicked in. She became laser-focused on saving the baby boy, and didn’t stop until she realized he was okay. “I heard the far distant sound of everyone yelling he’s crying; you can stop and that was when I heard him cry,” said Woods. She stated that once she noticed the baby was breathing again, relief washed over her and that being able to save the baby boy was one of the greatest achievements in her career.
When asked about how officer Woods felt about being nominated for such an amazing award she said, “I just did what any other officer would have done; I mean it’s nice to be recognized on a national level. I guess I just feel honored and grateful.” We hope that officer Ronda Woods wins the Axon Rise Officer award, but if not, we are still proud to have her keep our school a safe place to be.

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