Homecoming Week Preview


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The theme for the 2021 homecoming will be Fire and Ice. The themes for the week will be Tourists on Tuesday, Disney on Wednesday, Twins on Thursday, and Class Colors on Friday.
The class colors for the students are the following: Seniors wear black , juniors wear orange, sophomores wear white, and freshmen wear grey. Masks will not be required for the event, which will take place outside the football stadium. Tickets are available for purchase here
One of our most intriguing questions is “What is the most exciting thing about Hoco?” Lucciana Castillo said “That we are finally getting back to normal after COVID and that we are able to resume our ritual.”
“Being able to spend time with your friends and create memories,” Cesar Campos added.I asked a few students what they would like to see changed or added to Homecoming. “I think the theme is excellent, a little divided,” Naomi Moleka said “because at Lanier, we want to establish a family-focused ambiance, and fire ice is a little divided.” According to Gianna Stellato “Homecoming should be placed indoors rather than on the field, and the lighting should be improved”, according to Emily Chamberlin.
I asked Bella Grisales if she liked the theme and she answered, “I believe it would turn out fairly good if they decorated it really nicely.”