How do teachers feel about all students being back at school?


Ashley Kenney

Ms. Leeman welcomes back students with open arms

I went out on a mission to find out how teachers felt about all the students being back in person and here are some of their responses: Dr. Martin said, “I think it’s great to have the students back in the building. Having that high school experience, as well as learning, is very important. Virtual learning is not for every student … so having them in person is amazing.” Dr. Martin is saying having everyone back in person makes him happy because we really didn’t have a lot of students in the school last year. We had about 60-65% of students in-person last year compared to this year which is about 90% of the students back in person. Having everyone back in-person is good for everyone because the interaction with other students is amazing, so you get to know people and become new friends. I also asked Mrs. Bernstein, aka Coach Bernstein and Mr. Beard the same thing who both said, it is better for everyone to be here on The Ranch.
I asked Mr. Grant what he thought about it, and he said, “I think it’s the best thing for our students; [it] seems like it’s been a while, [however] it’s different with these masks because I can’t recognize face expressions which makes it harder for kids to cooperate at school.”
When I asked, “Do you personally feel that we are gonna go on another lockdown?” Coach Bernstein said, “It depends a lot on if the teachers and staff really enforce the protocol on the masks in the school.” If teachers enforce this well this year, we really don’t have to worry about going back to digital.
So overall, I found that teachers feel good about all of us students being back at the school because it’s good for all of us and it feels better and back to normal.