How does StuCo prepare for Homecoming?


Beverly LeMaster

StuCo Makes signs for homecoming

One of the most exciting events for high school students, especially freshmen, is the homecoming experience. It is a rite of passage for underclassmen who are not yet old enough to attend prom. Due to Covid, Lanier has not had a homecoming since 2019, which genuinely feels like decades ago. The theme of that homecoming so long ago was 24 Karat Gold/Gold Out. That last homecoming was back in a time where there were no masks, students didn’t have to socially distance, and you didn’t learn through a computer screen. However, this year’s dance will be held at the stadium on Saturday, October 16th from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. Tickets are currently on sale on GoFan. Although students are ready and excited for homecoming, things will look a little different this year.

“There has to be some sort of balance between having fun and also being safe…we are taking precautions with Covid going on right now, including homecoming being outside this year,” Senior Josh Canlas replied when asked what changes will be made to homecoming to make it safe during the pandemic.

Although homecoming is not inside, the student council is doing everything in their power to promote homecoming in all its glory. They are very hopeful that students will still decide to go to the dance and stay for its entirety. Of course there are some concerns with homecoming being outside this year, like the weather. If rain does decide to try and ruin homecoming, the dance will be moved to the Commons. According to Mrs. LeMaster, the Student Council sponsor though, rain is not something to worry about: “It’s not going to rain. I believe in speaking things into existence and I say that the weather is going to be perfect.” Along with homecoming being outside, masks are strongly recommended, but they are not required.

To say the least, the student council is extremely excited to be planning the homecoming dance once again, despite the fact that it is a stressful event to plan. A lot of students unfortunately don’t realize how much work Student Council puts in to make homecoming entertaining and fun for students. They do beyond what is expected of them, and they don’t get enough credit for all the things they do, not only for homecoming, but around the school as well.

“It will be difficult, especially with the freshmen and sophomores who have never had a homecoming before because while they do have good ideas, planning a homecoming is something new to them,” says Emily Chamberlin, executive president of Student Council.

The Student Council is most definitely a little puzzled with planning such a huge event in not a lot of time, and the underclassmen, never having planned an event like homecoming before, are probably just as perplexed. That will not, however, stop the student council from having a good time planning homecoming.

“We will have to get to the school early on Saturday to clean out the stadium and also have to hang up the decorations,” Ayron Lackey responded when asked what the Student Council does on the day of homecoming.

Many high school students would much rather sleep in on a Saturday rather than go to their school early to clean and decorate the football stadium and the area that surrounds it. Members of Student Council put their school community first and do what is needed to ensure Lanier is successful in all that they do. The student council members and sponsors are willing to do whatever it takes to make this year’s homecoming the best one Lanier has seen yet.

This year’s homecoming theme is Fire & Ice, and the student council put a lot of thought and effort into picking the homecoming week themes as well. They feel confident with this year’s homecoming theme and are ready for spirit week to begin, even if it is cut a day short due to there being a holiday on the Monday of spirit week. The homecoming week themes are: Tourist Tuesday, Disney Day, Twin Day, and Class Colors. Freshmen will be wearing grey, sophomores will be wearing white, juniors will be wearing orange, and seniors will be wearing black.

Homecoming will be more than the students could ever imagine, and they will be blown away by how much the student council will accomplish. Freshmen will especially be excited to attend one of their first high school events, and sophomores are probably feeling the same way since they haven’t had a homecoming yet either. With this being said, get excited for Lanier Homecoming ‘21 and all that the Student Council has planned!