Congrats to the teacher of the year finalists


Jose Quintanilla

Mrs. LeMaster Teacher of the year finalist

With the pandemic still ongoing and new fragments appearing. Teachers are hunkering down with new ways to teach their students. Though teachers aren’t able to see their wonderful students’ faces given the current events, they continue to work and teach their students while the pandemic rages outside of the classroom. The three finalists for teacher of the year have shown that even when times are tough, you can still succeed. The finalists for teacher of the year for 2021 were Mr. Brennan, Ms. Bryan and Mrs. LeMaster. I interviewed the finalists before the results were announced:

How do you feel about being one of the finalists for teacher of the year?
“I’m extremely honored.”- Byrand
”I feel very honored. Ms. LeMaster and Mrs. Bryand are very good teachers, so I’m honored to be in the same category as them.” -Brennan
”It’s pretty surreal.” -LeMaster

What do you love the most about being a teacher?
“I love interacting with students everyday and helping students while working with great teachers and staff.”- Byrand
”Getting to interact with the students … We have the best students in the world. “- Brennan
”My favorite thing is when kids tell me stories about going on in their own lives; I love getting to know them as real people.” -LeMaster

What motivates you to be an even better teacher for your students?
“When my students tell me that I have helped them make a difference I want to continue to do that for my students.”-Byrand
“Being competitive with myself in general and working with the other social studies teachers to figure out best practice.”-Brennan
”I have intrinsic motivation; I like to do everything well and I like to teach new kids each year because it’s new dreams and new challenges for me.” -LeMaster

All teachers I have interviewed are extraordinary people. They continue to inspire the herd to do their best. Teachers are the backbone of education so they all stand out in their own ways, which students deeply appreciate when learning.