2nd annual HoCo DoCo recap

The rivalry continues!

Since Homecoming is just around the corner, it’s time for the annual Homecoming door decorating competition, otherwise known as Hoco Doco! For Hoco Doco, teachers can decorate their classroom doors as creative and crazy as they want in hopes to win the title of Hoco Doco Champion!

The winner for Hoco Doco 2020 was Coach Bernstein and the runner up was Ms. Castner. I talked with each of them to discuss their strategies for this year’s Hoco Doco:

Q: How did it feel to win Hoco Doco last year?
A: (Bernstein) “It was actually hilarious! We were not exactly sure what to expect, and we really didn’t expect to win. We actually expected the doors that were Among Us [themed] to win because it was so popular at the time, when we did a goofy 80’s workout theme…”

Q: How did it feel to be runner up for Hoco Doco last year?
A: (Castner) “It stung a little, but we understand since we didn’t actually cover the door. But this year: it’s on like donkey kong! But have I gotten over it yet? No.”

Q: What is your strategy to win for this year?
A: (Berstein) “We don’t have a lot of time, so, strategy-wise there isn’t a lot… because we weren’t given very much notice. So I’m hoping that because we didn’t get much notice, nobody else got much notice either, so hopefully we’ll all… be on an even playing field…”
A: (Castner) “The choral council has come up with a theme … back in August … We have been working on our theme and are starting with the door. Then we’ll move into the hallway so that it’s a full experience for everyone who walks down the hall!”

So as you can see, teachers were rallying up and did everything in their power to win this year’s Hoco Doco! In the end, the results were switched: Ms. Bernstein won runner up and Ms. Castner pulled into the spot of Hoco Doco Champion! Turns out that all of that preparation really paid off!