Arrival of AI: Tesla comes out with their first robot

Jackson Ryan

Tesla has officially announced their latest innovation: the Tesla robot. Throughout the years, Tesla has created products that have changed technology and the way that people live their daily lives. Tesla has been very successful with its cars, from the Tesla model three to the Tesla model Y. They have made major income on these vehicles, becoming one of the most recognizable and most innovative cars in the world. It is clear to see that Tesla is wanting to bring the future to the present.

Their new robot, whose official name is Optimus, was announced at the Tesla presentation for their new products. Its official launch is unknown, but Tesla has mentioned it will be launched sometime in 2022. Its torso will be off-white, and its forefront will be matte black. It will also contain a visual sensor, allowing the robot to be able to see its surroundings. The estimated price for this robot is up to $10,000.

This robot will be designed to get rid of repetitive, boring tasks, like taking out the trash or vacuuming the house. It will also be able to help with dangerous tasks that could hurt or harm a person, like going under cars to check the carbonator or getting in tight places. But something that so many people are wondering is: will this robot harm humans or take over the world? Hollywood has made many movies that have shown what could happen if these robots malfunction or become maleficent and take over the world. Many people question if this robot is dangerous, and if the same thing that happened in Hollywood films would happen in real life.

This is what Marques Brownlee, an infamous tech reviewer, said about Tesla’s robot in his youtube video, ”Pop culture forever has been obsessed with humanoid robots, like I can even count. But it turns out the ideal way to make a robot vacuum the floor for you, is not to build a human-sized robot that pushes around a vacuum. It’s to make the robot the vacuum. The vacuum is the robot. You don’t want a humanoid robot standing at the sink washing dishes for you. The dishwasher is the robot.”

Big technology companies have changed the world and the way that we live our lifestyle with their innovations. Robots have been on our minds for a very long time, and this multi-millionaire company is finally bringing a robot that will be able to be purchased by the common public. This newest product is going to change the way we humans live our day-to-day lives. Everyday we get closer to the future, thanks to innovative minds like Elon Musk.

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