The return of Deca

DECA, standing for Distributive Education Clubs of America, has been prominent in schools across the country for over 75 years. The club boasts a rich history of preparing their students to become emerging leaders in entrepreneurship, marketing, financing, and management throughout high school and college education. Members of the non-profit organization have been satisfied with their decision to join due to their noticeably improved skills, such as public speaking and project management which have helped them even after highschool. Due to this large impact that DECA has on it’s students, it was sadly missed when the COVID pandemic struck the world. The head of the DECA club here at our school, Mr. Deppe stated, “ It was really tough, it led to a great loss of membership participation.” Although the pandemic greatly affected us all, DECA has bounced back fairly quickly with having more members than they originally started with. The club kicked off their year with the officer training event at Paul Duke’s Academy back on September 12th, and their next event is just around the corner on October 20th with the Georgia state testing.

While the club currently holds 30 members, the goal is to reach 100 members in order to get the most out of the yearly national competitions that are held. In recent years, students have stated that they have learned crucial skills from participating in the club’s activities such as public speaking, and work management. These skills and more are provided to students once a month during Longhorn Time, but are planned to increase when competitions begin later this year. As of right now, the next major competition is set in December. For those interested in participating in DECA, or just want to know more about the club, please contact Mr. Deppe in the Saddle Shack or in his classroom next door.

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