DIY Halloween costumes

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DIY Halloween costumes have always been a staple during the spooky season. Heading to the thrift store to crop some t-shirts, getting string from Micheals, and cat ears at party city, you can practically make the costume of your dreams for better quality. Let’s dig deep into the benefits of DIY Halloween costumes and some great ideas to make your own as well.

According to “DIY Halloween Costumes—Experts Share This Year’s Hottest Costumes” it says, “Kate Horvat, a Halloween costume, makeup and décor expert with says that creating DIY costumes not only encourages creativity, but also gives you an opportunity to customize just the right costume….” This will help continue to build the mindset of creativity within the students at Lanier, if they choose to make their own costume this year.

Now, what are some great DIY costumes? I interviewed two students to see what they would think a great DIY costume would look like. I asked them all the following questions:

What costume do you think you could DIY?

“I could DIY a witch costume because it’s basic and simple.” – Hailey Mehta

“We all know the popular show Squid Game. This Halloween I wanted to DIY my own Squid Game inspired costume!” – Rachel Kim

“I could probably DIY the Stranger Things character, 11.” – Mia Pasion

What supplies would you need?

“The supplies for this costume would be a blue tracksuit, yellow socks, and white Vans, maybe some fake blood on my cheeks.” – Rachel Kim

“I will need a pointy hat from the dollar store, black/dark coloured makeup, boots, black and white striped leggings, and a black flowy dress.” – Hailey Mehta

“I would need a white shirt, nude short flowy dress, white sneakers, [and] fake blood.” – Mia Pasion

Do you think that yours would be more creative rather than the ones you’d find at a costume shop?

“Mine wouldn’t be more creative than ones found in stores, but it would be more enjoyable to make and more comfortable because it’s homemade.” – Hailey Mehta

“This costume probably isn’t the rarest or creative because many people will be Squid Game characters this Halloween due to the popularity of this show but I think it’s cool!” – Rachel Kim

“I think it’s creative on my part because Stranger Things is a popular show … [but] from a costume shop they give you tacky clothing but in this case our outfit isn’t, and we don’t have to go waste our money on something that we’re probably only going to wear for one night” – Mia Pasion

With all of this being said, will you wear a DIY costume this season? Next time you’re at a craft store, you should definitely give it a try.

Brooke Barnett. 05/29/19. DIY Halloween Costumes—Experts Share This Year’s Hottest Costumes

DIY Halloween Costumes—Experts Share This Year's Hottest Costumes