Trunk or Treat is here!

Super Mario bros. themed trunk at Trunk or Treat, 2020

Mrs. Cardy

Super Mario bros. themed trunk at Trunk or Treat, 2020

With the trees around us slowly turning oranges, purples, and reds, plus the chilly temperatures creeping in, Fall is finally upon us! Spooky season has finally gripped its claws into the Lanier herd! To celebrate, This upcoming Thursday, Lanier High School is hosting a Trunk or Treat.

To get more Information on This Event, I Interviewed Mrs. Cardy, the coordinator for Trunk or Treat this year:

What is Trunk or Treat?
“Lanier’s Trunk or Treat is a free event held at school for the community. Each club that participates gets the opportunity to decorate their car or booth and show their school spirit while promoting their club.”

Where and when will it be?
“It will be next Thursday, October 28th from 5:30-8 pm at the Lanier High School media center/teacher parking lot.”

How was the turnout for Trunk or Treat last year? What did it look like?
“In the past years, Trunk Or Treat has had a good turn out from the community. At our last event we donated through the bookmobile just about 300 books! Generally, you will see Halloween-themed decorations as well as costumes worn by the club members participating and by the kids attending. All the clubs have different games, activities and of course candy! Some clubs sell food and/or drinks. You hear music everywhere and can grab a new free book from the Gwinnett bookmobile.”
“[For this year] we are happy to announce that for the first time ever we will have two food vendors present! G. Sisters, they will have Mexican Food available for purchase and Three Tikis will have shaved ice for purchase. Both food vendors were at the homecoming parade in Sugar Hill!”

How to become a volunteer?
“To become a volunteer, be sure to speak with your club advisors or student team to plan out your club’s theme and what you will be passing out or playing at the event. There was a form sent out to the sponsors and they filled it out if they wanted their club to participate this year. For the members of each of these clubs, it is up to the clubs to decide how they want to advertise or encourage their members to participate and sign up to volunteer at this event. If any club or sports team still want to join us, they can by filling out this form: ->”

With games, food trucks, and more, Lanier will host this event with the herd in min, so come join us during Trunk or Treat and have fun with your family and friends on October 28th from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm at the Lanier Media Center parking lot.

Here are the clubs that will be participating and a sneak preview of their trunk themes: