Where do the football themes come from


Kelsi Renuart


During the school year, one of the biggest events of the week is Friday nights, also known as Friday Night Lights. The Herd is what Lanier calls their students and staff. They are known for coming together to support each other and the school. For every sporting event, specifically football, there are different themes, and some of the most popular are Hawaiian Out, American Out, White Out, Black Out, Neon Out, and many more.

Some might ask, what is the point of dressing up with a theme for a football game? Well, many students genuinely enjoy dressing up and being able to support the football team, Elodi Martinez (junior) has spoken about her honest opinion on dressing out and why she likes doing it; she says, “My favorite part about dressing up for football games would be the creativity we can share based on a simple theme and seeing most of the student body coming together within a theme.” The whole point of dressing up is to show school spirit and to make the student section look like one big family.

Joey Graham, the Herd leader, has spoken on how the themes are picked and the collaboration they get from the students. He explains how they like bringing the classics people would want back and most of the overall theme ideas come from the Herd leaders and the students themselves. Although there have been a lot of the same repeating themes, this year has been different and there have been some new ideas that many students have preferred. For example, there has been a Construction Out, Camo Out, and even student-vote which is different from the previous years.

Joey Graham also tells us his hopes for the future of the Herd; “I like our ideas of a student-voted theme this season. It truly allows the student body to get a say in a theme. I hope in coming years Herd Leaders keep that theme going. It intrigues me to see what new ideas come this year and years to come.” This gives us hope that the future is going to look even greater than before for those students who enjoy showing school spirit. By changing out and adding new themes each year, more students will want to start coming to sporting events and the Herd could become even closer and bigger than before.