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Netflix Original Shows Review Part 1: Lucifer

If you don’t know what Netflix is, the first thing you should do is get from under that rock you’re living under; the second thing is that you should get a subscription to the platform. Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in the world with rights to 13,612 titles overall; although only certain titles are available in certain countries. For this article, I will be reviewing Lucifer, my favorite live-action show of all time. I will be judging this show based on the following criteria: the plot, characters and how they develop, the visual effects, and the music. Without further ado, let’s get to the reviews. Warning for spoilers ahead.

Lucifer is about how the devil gets bored and tired of ruling over Hell, so he goes up to Earth for a vacation; and what better place to get away from business than the city of angels, Los Angeles. During his time on Earth, he opens a nightclub and spends every waking moment in reckless indulgence and debauchery, and he vowed that he would never go back to hell no matter what. The show aired its final season this year on Netflix. Sounds like a pretty nice plot right? Well, the show also decides to answer one question, “Can the devil be redeemed?” And by the end of the series, the answer is yes.

Characters and Plot
In the show we learn that Lucifer is not what the world makes him out to be, he isn’t the embodiment of all sin and evil, he doesn’t tempt mortals to sin, he never lies, he isn’t evil but he punishes evil; and he hates what the world makes him out to be. In the first few minutes of the show, we see what type of person Lucifer is, when he gets pulled over we see him try to bribe a cop and not taking the situation seriously at all, but instead cracking jokes; and as a nigh-immortal celestial being, he sees humans as ephemeral as memories and usually holds little value to them. So we see that he’s a very laid-back person. He can also be very vulgar, immature, and annoying to some people. Some examples of this are, taking pictures of his genitals with a police camera while at a crime scene, taking his girlfriend and flirting with her at a crime scene, or wearing pants with the back on them cut out, again at a crime scene. Why was he at all of these crime scenes? Well in the first episode, a dear friend of his was killed in a drive-by shooting and so to get his revenge on the killer, he became a consultant for the LAPD. That’s when he met Detective Chloe Decker, Ella Lopez, Detective Daniel Espinoza, and Dr. Linda Martin, it’s also when we get introduced to his demon friend, Maze. At the start of the series we truly see how insufferable Lucifer can be when he constantly talks about how much he wanted to have, let’s say sensual relations, with the Detective directly to her, and how he convinced Linda to let him come to therapy regularly in exchange for sensual relations of their own instead of regular payment. We also see how Lucifer calls Detective Dan “Detective Douche” instead of his regular name; and as for Ella, they hit it off with each other and grow something of a sibling relationship with each other. Now, how does the show use these relationships to prove that the devil can be redeemed? Well, although he openly expresses how he doesn’t care for Dan throughout the series, we see through his actions that he does truly care for Dan. Like how in season five, Dan was killed and was sent to Hell because of his guilt and he took Dan out of his hell loop, where mortals get psychologically tortured by their guilt and regret, and promised him to help him find a way into heaven. Eventually, Dan does find a way into Heaven, but only slightly because of Lucifer. Throughout the series, we see that Dan is a very uptight character that finds Lucifer to be an annoyance, but by the end of the series, we see Lucifer and Dan’s relationship build up. Until Dan shoots Lucifer after learning he’s the actual devil, but they end up repairing their relationship before and after he dies. I like Dan, he’s a very human character. He can admit his own mistakes, he can let his emotions guide him over reason, and he’s a family man overall; an extremely relatable and understanding character. Chloe is actually Lucifer’s love interest in the series which proves that he is capable of real love. Although she was obviously going to be Lucifer’s love interest, she is still her own character. She takes her job at the LAPD very seriously and she loves it with all her heart because her father was a cop before he died. Chloe is a very down-to-earth and by-the-book type of person, she likes creating order with chaos. Basically the exact opposite of Lucifer. Throughout the series, we see Lucifer’s attraction towards Chloe increase and go beyond just wanting sensual relations with her, but at this same time, we see Chloe have her own love life without Lucifer, which visibly upset him, but after she got dumped by her boyfriend Peirce, who was really Cain; as in Cain and Abel, her love for Lucifer actually grew, until she learned that he was the actual devil and tried to send him back to hell and admitted that she was scared of him; but eventually she was able to look past that and was able to truly love him. Chloe is a great example of someone who got their life turned upside down, but for the better, and although Lucifer holds her to such a high standard, she shows that she is no better than anyone else, overall a great character. Linda is Lucifer’s therapist. Yes, the devil goes to therapy, at first it was mostly for their sensual relations, but eventually they stopped doing that because throughout the series Lucifer needed actual help, like when he learned that he hated himself for who he thought he was, a monster who by his own words, is “Poison for anyone who would ever dare to care about him”. Since he sees himself as this monster he goes through physical changes and starts to more closely resemble the actual devil in biblical art, except he doesn’t have horns and he isn’t a goat. Linda helps Lucifer through all of these things while dealing with problems of her own, like having an angel baby with Lucifer’s brother Amenadeil and worrying about whether or not he’ll have wings. Linda deals with celestial and cosmic quarrels the most out of any human in the show and yet she still finds a way to keep her life semi-normal. Which proves just how mentally strong she is and how much will she has, and though she was also scared when Lucifer revealed his true self to her, she was the only one that didn’t try to get rid of Lucifer. Linda is a very strong character, I honestly have no idea how she’s able to handle everything that goes on in her life the way that she does, an excellent and loveable character. Now onto Ella, probably the most beloved character in the series besides Lucifer, and the only one on the show that is openly a devoted Christian. She grew a brotherly love type of relationship with Lucifer and they both care for each other deeply. This is evident because they always go to each other for things like romance advice and they always find time to bond with one another, so they have a healthy sibling relationship, unlike most people who are actual siblings; and although she has lost her christian faith in the death of a close friend, she was able to get it back through her friends, including Lucifers, help; and even though she is religious, she was the last person to find out about Lucifer’s true self, something she was not happy about; but she still loved Lucifer even though he didn’t tell her the truth. Ella is the most loving person in the series and it’s very clear why there are no fans of the series that don’t like her, an amazing character. As for Lucifer, I have stated everything about his character and how he develops through the character analysis of the characters he holds closest. By the end of the series when he had to return to hell to give mortals deserving a second chance, he gave away his club, got Dan into Heaven, told Linda how much he’s affected him, helped Ella start a foundation of science, and told Chloe how much he loved her. He may be the devil, but through his actions, he proved that he could be redeemed. I give the characters a 4/5. Some of these characters can be stereotypical and I didn’t like how the truth was kept from Ella for so long, but on the other hand, they seem like actual characters. They have flaws, emotions, they develop, and overall they’re all amazing. For the plot, I give it a 3.5/5. Yes, I did like the plot of every season, but there were some clear and present plot holes throughout all of them. For example, in the last season Lucifer’s daughter Aurora or Rory, who is half angel, manages to use her celestial powers and accidentally travels to the past before Lucifer seemingly abandoned her and Chloe. Lucifer tries his best to rectify however he’s not able to be in her life. In the end, when they all figured out why he left, which was to have the mortals in hell who were deserving a second chance to ascend to Heaven, Rory made him promise not to change anything. We then see a compilation of Rory growing up and we see that Rory knows why Lucifer wasn’t in her life, but Rory not knowing why he was never there and not comforting her while her mother dying was the main reason why she accidentally time traveled in the first place, so if she knows why Lucifer was never there, she’d never hate him and would never have time traveled, so how exactly would she not hate Lucifer, because she would never know why he wasn’t there. It doesn’t make any sense to me, but I still love the final season.

Visual Effects
Before Netflix got the rights to Lucifer it originally was owned by the CW. Now the CW’s effects are either pretty decent or downright horrible. For Lucifer, they were pretty decent. Whenever Lucifer showed his devil it looked pretty alright, but it looked slimy and wet. It looked really weird to me, but I do like how they sometimes did a flashing effect with his devil face at times, it was a nice fear factor for the people he showed it to. Now when Netflix bought the show and took over production the effects got a massive upgrade. The angel wings look so real, Lucifer’s devil face looks like actual skin, it’s fantastic; and when his full devil form was revealed I was surprised at how well it looked and how fluently it moved. Though I wish that they did keep the flashing effect for his devil face as the CW did. I give the effects a 4/5. Like I said I love what Netflix did with the effects, but I wish they kept the flashing effect and the CW devil face looks too weird and slimy.

The music for Lucifer is brilliant. The song choices they use for this show are so unique and make the scenes so much more impactful. Like when Lucifer had to leave LA to go to Hell so the demons wouldn’t possess the dead mortals anymore, (long story), and Chloe decided to profess her love for him and they shared their first kiss, their song choice was “My Love Will Never Die” by AG, a beautiful song and a perfect song choice for this scene. I could go on for hours about the music but I’m not going to do that; and even though they bought the rights to some of the songs, they also have some original instrumentals in the show too. I give the music a 5/5.

If you couldn’t tell I truly love this show, it may have its faults but then again every show does. Overall I think the plot is interesting, the characters are great and complex, the music is fantastic, and the visuals are great. Overall average of all the scores, I give Lucifer a 4.1/5. Like I said I love this show and I wish it didn’t have to end so soon, but I won’t ignore that it has its faults like how some of the comedy can seem very immature and rather obnoxious, but those moments are overshadowed on how most of the time the show can be genuinely funny; and Lucifer is one of the only shows in it where if the amount of action in it was cut in half, I would not care. Every other aspect of this show is what made me into such a huge fan of the series and I love the conclusion to it. Lucifer is a great show with a great cast and it’s obvious how much effort they put into this show.

Netflix Original Show Review Part 2: Cobra Kai

Netflix, if you don’t know what Netflix is, the first thing you should do is get from under that rock you’re living under; the second thing is that you should get a subscription to the platform. Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in the world with rights to 13, 612 titles overall; although only certain titles are available in certain countries. I will be reviewing 4 separate shows in 4 separate articles. For this article, I will be reviewing Cobra Kai, a surprisingly good show if I do say so myself. I will be judging this show based on the following criteria: the plot, characters and how they develop, the action, and the music. Without further ado, let’s get to the reviews. Warning for spoilers ahead.

Cobra Kai is the follow-up series to the Karate Kid quadrilogy. It takes place 34 years after the events of the original quadrilogy, and instead of following Daniel LaRusso as the main character, rather instead following Miguel Diaz. The story is that Johnny Lawrence, the antagonist of the first Karate Kid, is now in his 50s, and an alcoholic loner who is estranged from his now-teenaged son Robby who he had with his ex-girlfriend when both were younger, spending most of his time drinking beer and often resorting to bottles of whiskey when depressed. He struggles to make a living as a handyman in the San Fernando Valley but is fired from this job after getting into an argument with a customer. Shortly after this, he meets Miguel who just moved into his apartment complex, and as he tries to introduce himself Johnny tells him to leave him alone. He then sees Miguel getting harassed by some bullies at his new school and he beats up the kids and scares them off. Miguel wants Johnny to teach him karate. He declines at first but he eventually accepts and opens the Cobra Kai dojo back up. Pretty decent story right? Well, let’s see how it turns out.

Characters and Plot
While Miguel is training at the Cobra Kai dojo, we learn that Johnny is still kind of a jerk. He still has the same mindset he had back when he was in high school. He still follows the Cobra Kai creed that turned him into a bully, “Strike first, strike hard, no mercy.” After some time in training Miguel, he helps him gain confidence and he does get better at karate, as proved when he beats up his bullies in his school lunchroom after they harassed and embarrassed a girl he liked. The more time he spent training Miguel the more he learned. He learned that it was ok to show people mercy and that showing mercy can be strong. Daniel also didn’t change much and remained the same throughout the series. While Miguel is at school we meet 3 characters, Demitri, Eli, and Sam, Daniel’s daughter, and the girl Miguel liked. This moment is where Miguel’s character starts to truly develop. His newfound confidence helps him build his relationship with Sam, and he ends up dating her. But, he also gained some anger and trust issues. When Miguel sees Sam having dinner with her family and wasn’t responding to his calls or texts, he ended up yelling at her and acted like a jerk towards her and openly expressed his distrust towards her, even after she explained the entire situation to him and reassured him that the situation wasn’t what he thought it was. Miguel even tries to punch Robby but Sam stops him, after that they broke up. Miguel even blames Robby for his and Sam’s breakup instead of taking accountability for his actions. All this happens before he wins the All-Valley Karate tournament, which leads to more students joining Cobra Kai, and for Johnny’s former mentor John Kreese to come back to Cobra Kai though he was thought to be dead. And he’s still the same arrogant jerk he was in the original quadrilogy. One of the new students is Tory, and the two then become a couple but it’s still clear that he’s still in love with Sam. During these events, Miguel starts to become a better person again, once he learns that Hawk vandalized the Miyagi-Do Dojo and stole Mr. Miyagi’s, Daniel’s old karate teacher who passed away (both the character and the actor), medal of honor. Miguel then defeated Hawk in a training match and took the medal back. Once he went back to Miyagi-Do to give the medal to Sam, he saw Robby instead. But instead of starting a confrontation he gave him the medal and trusted Robby to give the medal to Sam. Shortly after this, Miguel, Sam, and Tory went to a house party, and Tory initiated a drinking contest with Sam and she lost. After the party was over, Miguel tried to help a very drunk Sam home, and they ended up kissing. And to add insult to injury, Sam was in a relationship with Robby at this point and Tory saw them kiss. The next day Tory initiated a school fight which ended up having Robby kick Miguel over a railing and onto the railing of some stairs and he breaks his spine and puts him into a coma. Miguel blames Johnny for his injury because if he didn’t show Robby mercy as Johnny taught him, then he might not have been able to break his spine. Even though Miguel seemingly hates him now, Johnny still helps Miguel to get him to be able to walk again; and he does. Johnny even managed to make peace with Daniel and matured past his old self. A student ended up recording the school fight and dozens of new students came into the Cobra Kai dojo. This is where Johnny truly shows that he’s still a jerk. After he gets all the new students he then proceeds to mercilessly insult several of them including Eli, who has a scar from surgery reforming his cleft lip as a baby. This is where Eli’s character development begins. After Johnny insulted his lip so much, he decided to, and I quote, “flip the script”, he decided to become way more confident, he decided that his former awkward and quiet self wasn’t how he wanted to live. He even gave himself a spiked mohawk and dyed his hair blue. Once Johnny saw this he gave him a new name, Hawk. Hawk even took his new confidence as far as to get a giant tattoo of a hawk with a blue mohawk across his back. He also wanted to distance himself from how he used to be which is why later in the series after Dimitri was talking about their time at computer camp and Hawk told him, “Hey cool it with the nerd … ok?” But, Hawk also got some serious anger problems with his newfound confidence and this slowly turned him into a bully. Like at the All Valley Karate tournament, he kicked his opponent, Robby, while his back was turned and ended up dislocating his shoulder. And as Hawk became more and more of a bully, his friendship with Demitri began to disintegrate. Hawk then dyed his mohawk red and did the same for the hawk tattoo on his back. Especially when he wrote a bad review on Cobra Kai. Once he did that, Hawk attacked Demitri in the mall, which made him join Cobra Kai’s rival dojo Miyagi-Do. Once he did that he attacked Demitri again and ended up breaking his arm. At this point, Hawk was a full-blown bully. He became everything that he hated when he was just normal Eli, and deep down he hated that. Eventually, when the Cobra Kai’s attacked the Miyagi-Do students, Hawk saw Demitri getting pinned down and two other Cobra Kai’s told him to run up and hit Demitri while he was pinned, but instead, he saved his friend from the bullies he reformed their friendship. He saw that the teachings of Cobra Kai were making him into a person he hated and si he changed and joined Miyagi-Do with Dimitri. Hawk had some serious character development in the show and became a seriously relatable and loveable character, even when he was a bully. And the moment when he saved Demitri was one of the best in the series. Speaking of Demitri, he developed nicely throughout the series. He was once a huge nerd and was incredibly socially awkward. He even said, “I’m at peace with my depression.”, implying that he doesn’t care too much about his popularity. But once he joined Miyagi-Do and thanks to Daniel’s guidance he helps him believe in himself more and gained confidence. He became less and less introverted and he managed to make more friends. His popularity started to increase as well, especially when he exposed all of Hawk’s insecurities at the party and kicked him into a trophy case. At this point, Demitri’s popularity and confidence were at their peak, and he even started dating his long-time crush, Yasmine. I almost forgot about Robby, a character I used to love but now I hate, and I love seeing him get kicked in the face. At the start of the series, Robby is a poor kid in a broken home who wants to better his life. So he goes to Daniel for a job and some karate lessons. Half of that was just to spite his father Johnny because he hates him for never being around. While he’s working and training tinder Daniel he becomes a much better and nicer person and I really liked him. But then he let his jealousy for Miguel cloud his judgement and he kicked over a railing and broke his spine. Then he went to juvie for it and he had no regrets for breaking Miguel’s spine. Seriously, he was doing so well. And then this man had the nerve to join Cobra Kai after Kreese took it over and attacked his father when he tried to set him straight. And this isn’t the only time when Johnny tries to get involved, but Robby pushes him away every time because again, he’s jealous of his relationship with Miguel. I don’t like this guy. For the plot, I’ll give it a 4/5. The Karate Kid series defined a large part of my childhood and I love how they kept the same energy for the story in the show. For the characters, I’ll give them a 5/5, the way they all develop is so incredibly realistic and amazing. Even the characters that you hate are seriously good characters.

The action scenes in the show are absolutely incredible. They have a good balance between a lot of different types of action scenes like in one scene an action scene would be very brutal, but in another, the fighting would be more graceful and calm. The different types of fighting styles in the show are what make the action scenes so memorable. My favorite fight scene is where Hawk gets revenge on his former bully Brucks who tried to join Cobra Kai, but Hawk mercilessly beat him to a bloody pulp. He grabbed him by the clothes and punched him in the face repeatedly, he kicked him in the face, and even after he begged him to stop fighting, Hawk still proceeded to pin him to the ground and punch him in the face dozens of times until his hands were red from his blood. It was not only a great moment for Hawk but also a brutal action scene which is great. I give the action a 5/5. It’s so great.

The music for Cobra Kai is pretty good. It shows how it completely switches its tone for the original Karate Kid movies, where those movies had a more calm theme, Cobra Kai instead goes for a score of hardcore rock showing how this is different from the movies, and it’s great. Once they use this music for the fight scene it just makes me all the more invested and I love the soundtrack, I give it a 4/5.

Averaging out the scores given, Cobra Kai gets a 4.5/5. I love this show so much, and as a huge fan of the Karate Kid series, once I saw this show was on Netflix I wanted this show to be good, and my prayers were answered because I love this show. The only gripe I would say I have with this show is that it can be overly dramatic at times which can be slightly cringey but overall this show is great and I simply can not wait for the final season to come out in December.

Netflix Original Show Review Part 3: The Umbrella Academy

Netflix, if you don’t know what Netflix is, the first thing you should do is get from under that rock you’re living under; the second thing is that you should get a subscription to the platform. Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in the world with rights to 13,612 titles overall; although only certain titles are available in certain countries. I will be reviewing 4 separate shows in 4 separate articles. For this article, I will be reviewing The Umbrella Academy, one of the most cliche and boring superhero shows I’ve ever watched. I will be judging this show based on the following criteria: the plot, characters and how they develop, the visual effects, the action, and the music. Without further ado, let’s get to the reviews. Warning for spoilers ahead.

The Umbrella Academy is a superhero show about seven kids with powers. There’s Vanya, Allison, Diego, Klaus, Ben, Luther, and Number 5. Yeah, the show was too lazy to give Number 5 an actual name, already not starting off too good. They were born along with 43 other kids whose mothers showed no signs of pregnancy when the day started, and they all gave birth at the same time…yeah. Then an eccentric billionaire named Reginald Hargreeves bought the children from their mothers…ok; and with these superpowered kids, he started The Umbrella Academy, a superhero team, but Vanya is the only one seemingly without powers. What an interesting and unique plot point that I’m sure won’t lead to any problems later on, and will define her character in a good way. The main plot is that Number 5, who time-traveled to the future and saw the apocalypse, managed to travel back ten days before the apocalypse and reconvened with his siblings, who are adults now. Now Number 5 is trying to stop the apocalypse any way he can. Well, this plot is well…it’s not the best but I’ll still give it a 3/5.

The characters in this show are basic and boring except for Number 5 who is the best character in the show and has the power to teleport and somehow travel through time. I say that he’s the best because he’s basically me. He’s sarcastic and sassy in almost every line he has in the show and made this rather boring show pretty enjoyable, and it’s a shame that he isn’t in it more. At the start of the show, his main focus was stopping the end of the world, and other than Vanya, he constantly belittles and insults his siblings. Both by directly insulting them and expressing his superior intellect and maturity despite the fact he looks 13 years old. So you can already tell that his relationship with his siblings is pretty realistic. The only real change I could see is that he was more openly caring about his siblings when at the start of the series he didn’t seem to care for them much, but that’s his entire character so that’s all I’m going to say about him. The next character I’ll be talking about is Luther, a character I hate with all my being. The biggest problem with his character is that he’s in love with Allison, you know his sister. That’s disgusting, stupid, unnecessary, aggravating, and weird; and to make it worse, they show a dream sequence of them kissing. This means that this man Luther fantasizes about his sister! Why was this plot point made? There’s no reason for this to have been a thing, I hate it so much, and to somehow make his character worse he’s obsessed with authority and his leadership role, and he never shuts up about it, nobody cares that you’re the leader. In fact, that leadership role got taken from him by Number 5. This man is so disgusting and he’s a terrible character who doesn’t develop. Let’s just move on to another poorly written character, Klaus. He’s a drug addict, that’s it. The show didn’t pay attention to developing his character so I’m not going to give his character any more attention. Diego is yet another cliche character who doesn’t develop in the series. Diego is the one sibling of all of the seven who remained a hero even after they disbanded He’s the impulsive loose cannon with a chip on his shoulder who tries to be a hero however he can, and he remained this way throughout the entire series because this show does not know what good character development is! I’m getting angry just writing about this. Let’s just move on to Allison, who’s actually a very complex and interesting character and is the series highlight, I’m lying; I am lying out my teeth. Allison has the power to control people with her words, so with this powerful ability she ended up abusing it and using it on her daughter; which led her to lose custody somehow, and she swore to never use it again. I’m sure that vow would last and once she does finally use it again it would be a huge moment for her character. She’s lighthearted and caring but her character isn’t interesting at all. Come on Umbrella Academy step it up. Another character is Ben, but he’s dead and the only reason he has any lines is that Klaus can talk to dead people. Other than that his character is more irrelevant than Ricegum’s rap career. Lastly, there’s Vanya who does have powers, and guess what? She’s the most powerful of all of her siblings, and to add the unique realism of this unexpected plot twist once she discovers her powers that she had the entire time but they were suppressed by pills because they proved to be too powerful and difficult to control, and even after she learned this and experienced this insane power for herself; yet for some reason, she became emotionally unstable, became a danger to her siblings, and is the one who causes the world to end, wow! This unique, complex, interesting, and pleasantly unexpected character arc honestly uplifts the entire show and proves how great it can be. If you couldn’t tell I’m being sarcastic again. It’s so cliche and I’m just mentally drained talking about these boring and poorly written characters. I give them a 2/5, the only reason it’s not zero is that I like Number 5.

The music for Umbrella Academy is a complete playlist of songs written for the series. The music itself is pretty nice and I could definitely see myself adding a song or two to my playlist if I take some time to listen to the songs. It’s the type of music that makes you think to yourself, “Wow this is a pretty good song”. It can also have you bop your head a bit while listening to the songs. I do wish they would use more instrumentals for the series but that’s just me. So for the music, I give it a 3/5.

Visual Effects
The visuals for this show are really good, at least for most of the time. The effects for the monkey butler look incredible and the effects they choose to make Luther look half gorilla are pretty great too, and the effect for whenever Number 5 teleports is so satisfying and Vanya’s effects for her powers are also very good. When Klaus was somehow able to use Ben’s powers in the final fight of the first season, those effects look very rushed. I’ll give the effects a 4/5, they’ve really done well with the effects most of the time but I can’t get over how bad the effects look in the season one finale.

The action in this show is brilliant, it’s brutal, bloody, and awesome. It’s clear that they put effort into making the action for this show, like when Number 5 was in a Diner and killed a bunch of soldiers who were after him for his time travel shenanigans and it’s so good. In fact, it’s so good it’s one of the two reasons why I continued to watch this show. For the action I’ll give a 4/5, it’s not a 5/5 because the visual effects for the final fight kinda ruined it for me.

Averaging out all the scores The Umbrella Academy gets a 3.2/5. If you notice how for this article I separated the plot and characters for this article unlike I did for the other ones. When I was explaining the characters for the other articles I mentioned pretty important plot points that helped their characters evolve while also explaining their characters in general, but for this, I did not do that because these characters don’t develop! How does Netflix manage to have shows with amazing characters and plots and then proceed to give us this? How could you make a superhero show boring? It doesn’t make sense, they can make complex and interesting characters so why didn’t they do that with this show? But I’m rambling, I will be watching the next season whenever it comes out but I probably won’t like it.

Netflix Original Show Review Final Part: Daybreak

Netflix, if you don’t know what Netflix is, the first thing you should do is get from under that rock you’re living under; the second thing is that you should get a subscription to the platform. Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in the world with rights to 13,612 titles overall; although only certain titles are available in certain countries. I will be reviewing four separate shows in four separate articles. For this article, I will be reviewing Daybreak, another cliche and stupid show which I thank God for the fact that it’s not getting a second season. I will be judging this show based on the following criteria: the plot, characters and how they develop, the sorry excuse for visual effects, the action, for the first time the acting, and the music. Without further ado, let’s get to the reviews. Warning for spoilers ahead, although after my review is done I hope you do not watch this show, it is very bad.

Daybreak is set in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles after it was hit with a nuclear bomb; and every person above the age of 18 was turned into something called a ghoulie, which is basically a zombie but they can’t infect you and spread. I’ll get into the reason why this is later but just know that it’s stupid; and in this crazy world, a regular C-student named Josh Wheeler decides to take practically nothing seriously and firmly believes that the apocalypse is the best thing that could have happened to him; and coupled with all of this he’s spent the last six months looking for his girlfriend that he’s somehow hasn’t found in six months. God, I’m really covering this thing, let’s just get to the review.

Characters and Plot
Once the show starts we learn that our protagonist, Josh Wheeler, not only has a dumb last name, he’s also in a nuclear infected wasteland filled with humans and mutants trying to kill him, doesn’t take anything seriously. He’s also trying to find his girlfriend after breaking her heart because he was grief-stricken. That’s it that is his entire character oh wait I’m wrong he also tries to be funny and act cool when he is neither of those things, and he thinks he’s clever because he can break the fourth wall, but every character in this terrible show does that and it’s not funny at all.

Josh isn’t the only person in this show that I hate, there’s also Angelica who is the ten-year-old that craves destruction, but also wants a “family” that accepts her for who she is; an immature ten-year-old who, by her own words, “Always dreamed of being a gangsta”. God this show is just terrible isn’t it.

Another character I hate is Wesley, the token minority who on more than one occasion points out that he’s the token minority, because not only is he African American, he’s also a homosexual and due to that fact there’s an important plot point that never mattered in the first place but the show acted as if it did. See Wesley’s boyfriend was the leader of the most violent clan in the apocalypse, yes this show is one of the shows that have people in the apocalypse make tribes and clans, and to make it worse they called these clans names like, The Geeks, The Jocks, The Cheermazons the list goes on, anyway while Wesley was part of this clan he saw and did some pretty bad things. So he left and he became a pacifist. I don’t understand why every post-apocalypse show, movie, game, etc feel the need to have a character who is a pacifist as if anyone would be a pacifist in the apocalypse! And to make it worse he took up the path of being a samurai since he was obsessed with the samurai lifestyle, this show is horrendous!

Another character that I couldn’t care less about is Ms. Crumble aka The Witch. Remember when I said how everyone over 18 was turned into a ghoulie? Well, Ms. Crumble is one of the only ones that show actual signs of intelligence and remembrance of her past life; and she doesn’t want to eat people. Wow, that is very unique and interesting. She turned crazy after the nuke went off, not because of her turning into a ghoulie, but because she was pushed down some stairs and hit her head. Yeah, that would make someone go crazy! And I know someone wouldn’t go crazy because of something like that because I saw someone have a similar injury while I was in elementary school and they didn’t go crazy as she did. They didn’t end up talking to decapitated barbie doll heads like she did, and they didn’t end up reminiscing their memories in the form of a sitcom to emulate the fact that they were crazy like this show did! I’m not even going to do all of the characters here because if I do I’m going to give myself a headache.

The last one I’ll do is Sam, another cliche and infuriating character. She’s the character that was trying to find her purpose in life and then when the apocalypse happened that’s when she found it, how unpredictable and enjoyable; and the moment that made me want to facepalm is at the end of the last episode when the second nuke was going to go off and Josh and his team managed to stop it and save Sam and others from being killed, Sam showed zero signs of appreciation for Josh and told him that he doesn’t know her the way she should even though she barely opened up to him at all and he wouldn’t care about her flaws and still loves her, she didn’t care. I really hate her, along with every other character in this show; and the moment that made me the maddest is how they explained why only the adults turned into ghoulies, it’s because all the kids got a vaccine for HPV and there was a biological weapon in the nuke when it exploded and since almost no adults took the vaccine since all of them are anti-vaxers they all turned into ghoulies. That does not make any sense! This show is so stupid!

Also, I didn’t mention it yet, but Josh shouldn’t even be alive, and neither should about 80 percent of the cast because they all were so close to the explosion that they had to look up. Whenever a mushroom cloud explosion goes off, you’re supposed to measure it with your thumb by holding out your hand and if the explosion goes beyond your thumb, you’re in the blast zone and should evacuate, but of course, the show ignores that entirely! The plot gets a 1/5 and the characters get a 0/5, the very first time I gave a zero in any of the ratings in any of the articles that I’ve done, even The Umbrella Academy characters got a higher rating than the ones on this show. Let’s just move on to the next section.

Visual Effects
The visual effects look terrible, and I’m being nice when I say that. I’ve seen YouTube videos with better CGI effects than this, a show on Netflix, a multi-billion dollar company. That is just inexcusable. The effects get a -3/5, they are so bad it physically hurts whenever I see them.

The Acting
For the previous articles, I didn’t go over the acting in the shows because the performances were executed so well that I would forget that they were acting when I was watching the show so I didn’t feel the need to include them, but for this show, the acting is similar to that of a middle school play of Romeo and Juliet. The acting and line delivery makes me cringe and it’s so awkward. The acting gets a 2.5. Let’s move on.

The Music
If I was to describe the music for this show I would say unoriginal and uninspired. This show just bought the rights to other songs and used them as the soundtrack for this show. I hate it when shows do that because it just feels like wasted potential in my opinion. For unoriginality, the music gets a 0/5.

The Action
You would think that for this to show many faults it would at least have some good fight scenes, but it doesn’t. The action in this show somehow manages to be boring. How do they manage to make fight scenes boring?! This show is such a travesty. The action gets a 1/5.

Averaging out all these scores this show gets a whopping 0.16/5, wow that is low. This show is absolutely terrible, and I am so happy that this show got canceled. I don’t think anyone should have to watch this show, which I’m pretty sure is another form of torture.

Well, that’s been the Netflix show reviews. Be sure to check out these shows on Netflix, other than Daybreak that is. I wouldn’t wish the pain of watching this show on my worst enemy. Until the next review.