LHS girls flag football mid-season review


Coach Gainey

Flag football

Flag Football is a new sport that is evolving and gaining more popularity every day. Flag football has the same general goals as football, such as trying to get across the field for a touchdown. However, it is more like basketball, in that it is a no-contact sport, and if there is any unnecessary contact, it’s a penalty. Also, instead of the normal rules of going ten yards for a first down, in flag football, every 20 yards is a first down. For example, if the ball was dead at the 24-yard line players would only have to go 16 yards to the 40, for a first down.

The sport became popular through college intramurals and eventually started to get picked up by different groups across the US. The Atlanta Falcons were one of these groups. They believe that all girls should have the opportunity to play football. In 2019, they started a program trying to get more Georgia high schools to have a flag football program. Thankfully, Lanier High School was one of the few high schools chosen.

Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, they had little involvement last year and ended up having a short season, only playing eight games, and finishing the year with a record of 0-7-1. However, this year they hope to have a better turnout with help from Coach Gainey and Coach Patterson. They already had more girls tryout and have had a couple of practices. Their first game was this Wednesday at Parkview. They had a couple of commutative issues in the first game, but in the second game they worked better together and only lost by six. They have a lot of vital components that can make a great team, and they’re already practicing what they needed to improve on in the last game.

Before the game, sophomore Victoria Jones said, “I think the game will be a huge learning experience for everyone involved.” This year, for many of the players, it is their first year playing flag football. Because of this, the players mostly not only needed to get into football shape but also had to learn a whole new game, since it’s nothing like tackle football. Victoria also said, “This will be my first time playing in a flag football game, so I have been preparing by trying to develop a greater understanding of the game, and perfecting my throwing and catching skills.” A lot of the girls are athletes but they do have to learn new skills, such as properly throwing a football, and learning plays. Luckily, a lot of the girls play other sports like soccer and basketball, which will help with their agility and changing directions.

Mid-season update: The team has had to deal with many cancellations, and refs not showing up to the games. For this reason, they have only played three games. However, during the third game they made the changes they needed to make and ended up winning six to zero against Winder. This gave the team a boost of confidence, and they are excited to keep playing and getting dubs. Their current record is 1-2.