NFL vs. College Football – which is better?

Piqsels and Flickr

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An age old argument in the heart of football fans around the world is, which is better? College football or the NFL? However, college football is way better, heart wise, match-ups wise, and attitude wise.

First off, when I say college football players have more heart, it’s because they are trying to get to the next level (The NFL). While still being in school which keeps them from skipping practices or games. That shows that they have more heart in how they play. Every game, they play with everything they have even through terrible injuries. Anything to make it to the NFL.

Some people might say that the NFL is better because of the skill level. That is 100 percent true; the best college football players go to the NFL. However, in the NFL some guys start to take the sport less seriously. Small injuries take key players out for weeks while in College, players will play through a torn MCL, sprained ankles, and many others. For example, former Ohio State starting quarterback, Justin Fields, played with broken ribs in a College football semi-final game against the Clemson Tigers. In that game, Fields led the Buckeyes to a 48-28 win over the number two ranked Tigers. There are some exceptions such as the Indianapolis Colts wide receiver, Michael Pittman Jr., who played with Compartment Leg Syndrome his whole career, but there are many other players who have given the NFL a bad wrap. For example, former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver, Antonio Brown, went on a run of crimes and accusations after a head injury that only took him out for their final game of the season.

Another factor that makes College Football more entertaining, is definitely the upsets. Every single week there are major upsets. For example, a couple weeks ago the Purdue Boilermakers, who were unranked going into the game, beat the number two ranked team in the country at the time, the Iowa Hawkeyes. Sure there’s a couple times when a team goes against the odds and gets a big win in the NFL, but more often than not it’s the same teams that are good or bad every year with very few changes.

College football revolves around 18-22 year old kids who are willing to put everything on the line to make it to where they want to be. The National Football League. As you can see, College Football is more entertaining and is just better in almost every way possible!