Dancing with the Stars makes history with first same-sex partners


Paulette Cohn


From running the show during a global pandemic of Covid-19 to an improvement of the contestant partners, Dancing With the Stars is making history in this current season. For the first time in history, there is a same-sex partnership on the show. JoJo Siwa, an American actress, dancer, singer, and Youtube personality, is one of the 15 stars competing for the Mirror-ball. This season, her female pro partner is Jenna Johnson, who has been on the show since 2013. Together, the two seem to have a strong bond and overall, have been scoring higher than all the other contestants on their performances.

The audience had very mixed opinions on this pairing because it’s not the typical male-female couple. On JoJo’s first Instagram post about her performance, there were skeptical fans who had some very honest comments.
One person commented, “This is so cringe! Why are you dancing with a girl?” They were not the only ones to be upset about the pairing, and some even thought it was unfair that she was previously a dancer. However, there were tons of positive comments about JoJo and Jenna representing the LGBTQ+ community well and making young kids feel seen. Isabella Collazo, a student from Lanier High School says “This is a fun new change I can get behind. I’ve always loved the show and I’m excited to see more in the coming years.”

In an interview with the couple, both ladies were sharing how they really felt. The article explains, “Both Jenna and JoJo had to learn some modifications and figure out who would lead each week, but their pairing is not only a grand jeté forward for Dancing With the Stars, it’s huge progress for the ballroom dance genre in general.” The two working together have changed the game for dance competition TV, and they continue to do so each week when performing on stage. In the future, we hope to see even more positive change like this and possibly even more couples of the same sex.

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