Join the First Generation Club!


first generation club

Are you the first in your family to think about going to college? Then you should become a member of the First Generation Club! This club focuses on scholarship options and college goals, and anyone in any grade can join. It was named from the fact that it creates greater support for first-generation students whose parents did not complete a four-year college education. These students have none or very little family collegiate history and are entering into college with limited knowledge about traditions and patterns of college life and academia.
The club emphasizes communicating about experiences and challenges, connecting with peers, and building a strong community. It also gives scholarship information for future college students. In addition, the club helps students prepare for adjusting to a new environment, lifestyle, and set of academic traditions in college. First-generation students are committed to a support group that will assist them in comprehending and maximizing their academic and community resources.

To join the club, go to the counseling office and fill out a First Generation application.