Are interims really necessary?


Ashley Kenney

Interims are unnecessary

Have you ever walked into class to find out that you are taking an interim that day? You start to panic about the fact that it’s a county-required test, and it shows your teachers “everything you know.” Well what exactly is an interim? “An interim assessment is a test administered at different intervals during the school year to check students’ grasp on content and guide future instruction,” according to Renaissance Learning, Inc., “Districts, schools, and states can use the data to measure students’ academic progress throughout the year.”
Interims are barely worth anything in the gradebook. In fact, they are worth less than a standard unit test, but it could still make a difference between passing and failing. Although there are curves for interims, they can still be really stressful and give students unnecessary anxiety that causes them to do worse than they normally would on an assignment given by a teacher.
Even some teachers don’t like interims. It is just another test that they have to prepare students for, and it wastes valuable learning time. Other teachers may disagree.
Ms. Dolcimascolo said that, “Without taking a pretest, it’s hard for the data to be really valuable because teachers don’t know what we previously knew in August as compared to October. The fact that it’s only worth five percent motivates kids because teachers get judged based on how well we do. If there were a different way to motivate students without it being a grade, it would be a better choice, such as getting an incentive if you get a certain grade.”
Most students will disagree. Our freshmen president, Kori Joseph said, “I feel like interims are kind of pointless, especially since they are only worth five percent of our grade. No matter if we get a high or a low score, it won’t really impact our grade. It’s like a progress check. Instead of having a county-regulated test, teachers could give us a mini quiz individually to check how we are doing.”
Interims can be beneficial for teachers, but for students, it does nothing but cause unnecessary stress. Sure, they can make the school and county look good with good scores, but looks can be deceiving because behind those scores is a bunch of anxiety.

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