What is leading ladies?


Mrs. Ahmad

Leading ladies

Ladies, are you interested in community service, mentorship, and college programs? Then you should consider joining Leading Ladies! Leading Ladies is a club here at Lanier designed specifically to mentor girls. If you are interested in joining, then you should talk to Ms. Ahmad in the 100 hallway.
I had the opportunity to talk with Ms. Ahmad a little bit more about what Leading Ladies is, and what they do. Ms. Ahmad explained, “[Leading Ladies] is a club to provide purposeful and meaningful mentorship. We focus on self development, mentoring, relationships, college and career development, and community service.” Ms. Ahmad went on to tell me how when she arrived at Lanier, Leading Ladies was already a club, but she was volunteered for the position of sponsor. If you were wondering about what things and/or activities Leading Ladies has done in the past, Ms. Ahmad shared that “…we have participated in numerous community service events such as Adopt a Road, stocking the Care Closet, feeding the homeless, we have participated in many college development trips, and we have even done college fairs and different career opportunities for our ladies.”
As you can see, Leading Ladies is a great way for girls here at Lanier to not only get involved with community service, but also to gain some mentorship and knowledge for your future. If you are interested in joining Leading Ladies, or if you have any questions, feel free to talk with Ms. Ahmad in the 100 hallway!