Assault at the E-Center


Ashley Kenney

The E Center

In July of this year, Nick Cox, a 17-year-old Mill Creek student, was attacked while playing a game of basketball at the E-Center. The attack left him with a concussion, a broken jaw, and whiplash. After the incident occurred, Nick was left unable to eat solid foods and had to be fed liquids from a syringe.

The injuries were quite costly and led to Nick’s family creating a GoFundMe to pay for expenses. Their goal was $60,000, and within days, the amount donated grew at an incredible rate. The family raised more than they were hoping for due to the outstanding generosity of their community; the final amount raised was $66,165. Throughout this hard time, Nick shared updates on the amount donated and would share his appreciation for all the money, kind words, and support.

The parents of Nick demanded that the schools take action against the kids who were part of the attack and the ones who just laughed while recording the attack. The schools listened to the parents, but since the attack was off school grounds, not much could be done. However, the main individual who started the fight is getting charged as a juvenile.

After months of recovery, Nick is finally able to return to school as normal. Nick has also been released to go back to the gym. This has been a long and hard journey for Nick, but he is overcoming this challenge.

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