Color Guard wins their first competition!


Lydia Lunceford

Color Guard Wins First Place at First Competition

Every year, Lanier High School’s Color Guard (Lanier Guard) learns a couple of routines to perform at their weekly competition alongside Lanier’s Marching Band, which happens at various high schools in Gwinnett County.
Color Guard is a team of dancers that use various props, mainly flags, rifles, and batons, to enhance the performance of the Marching Band’s music. They also perform at every football game with the Marching Band.
This year, Lanier Guard’s first competition happened at West Forsyth High School, and they placed first!
Lanier Guard’s Senior Head Captain, Zaina Bamidele, has been in Lanier Guard for almost four years. I asked Bamidele what her favorite part of Lanier Guard is, and this was her answer: “My favorite part about [Lanier] Guard is that every season has something new and challenging to offer. I’ve appreciated the high energy ever since my freshman year, and I’m glad we’ve been able to maintain it.”
I also asked Bamidele how she thinks Lanier Guard does so well in competitions, and she replied, “I think the thing that makes guard successful is that we are able to respectfully hold each other accountable for individual mistakes but also recognize it’s not always going to be perfect. I also think that we have a very encouraging atmosphere where everyone feels that they can ask for help in all aspects.”
I also spoke with Rosemary Hanrahan, a senior member of Lanier Guard, and she feels that the “individual success and hard work,” as Hanrahan said, brings their performance to life.
Lanier Guard also will soon compete in a competition called Winter Guard, which takes place in the winter season, which they are currently preparing for.
Lanier Guard is known for their consistent wins, and we hope for them to keep their streak in the future!