Thanksgiving has feelings too


Now that Halloween is officially over, everyone is in Christmas mode. Christmas-scented candles, Christmas-scented soaps, Christmas cookies, Christmas decorations, and even Christmas movies. Christmas this, Christmas that, but what about Thanksgiving? It’s not even the week of Thanksgiving yet, and all the stores are already covered in Christmas decorations; no sign of Thanksgiving or even a turkey anywhere. Thanksgiving deserves more attention and celebration before the world starts shoving Christmas down everyone’s throat.
As a foodie myself, I love Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a holiday dedicated to eating way too much food with your family and friends surrounded by the color-changing trees, frosted windows, and the smell of burning wood. And this is without even mentioning the amazing sides served on this lovely holiday. Mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, mac and cheese, green beans, stuffing, and my personal favorite: sweet potato soufflé! There is just something about sitting around a table with your friends horrified that all the food is going to overflow on the ground that makes life worth living. When you’re little, your parents teach you about the Pilgrims and Indians, but when you get older it becomes more about eating your weight in Thanksgiving food and being around people you love.
Because of Thanksgiving, we have Friendsgiving! Personally, I love Friendsgiving. Making all your friends cook Thanksgiving dishes and making fun of those who suck at cooking is pure friendship. Not to mention, the cute outfits everyone wears right before Christmas time, when you have to wear a coat before stepping outside, are perfect for pictures at your Friendsgiving. Eating some of the best seasonal food with your favorite people filled with laughter and reminiscing isn’t something to pass up, so stop overlooking Thanksgiving and rushing Christmas. Enjoy this holiday, and use it to be thankful for the people you’re spending it with!