Dunkin’s new fall drinks deserve a latte of love


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Everyone loves starting off their morning with a hot drink, and what better way then with Dunkin’s newest fall flavors? Dunkin has included the Peppermint mocha latte, white chocolate hot chocolate, and pumpkin cold foam to spice up your order! These drinks will surely kick start your holiday spirit!

Peppermint mocha latte: 6/10
I personally really like peppermint drinks, but I was disappointed when trying this new drink. It had a very rich, dark chocolate taste that overpowered the peppermint, so it tasted more like a hot chocolate. If you prefer dark chocolate over milk then I would definitely recommend this.

White Chocolate hot chocolate: 7/10
This hot chocolate definitely held up to my expectations, it was just the right amount of sweet without overwhelming the chocolate flavor. Although it was extremely thick, if you’ve ever had Dunkin’s Chai latte it resembled the same consistency.

Pumpkin cold foam: 9/10
I’m usually not a fan of pumpkin drinks, but the pumpkin cold foam was without a doubt my favorite fall item on the menu. I added the pumpkin cold foam on my usual iced coffee order and it gave it the perfect hint of pumpkin needed. The only reason it is not a 10/10 is because they added nutmeg on top, which was off putting. If you were to get this drink I would certainly steer away from the added nutmeg on the top.

Toasted white chocolate signature latte: 6/10
This latte was by far my least favorite drink. It had little to no white chocolate, and had the similar flavor as a bottle of vanilla creamer. The majority of the drink was smokey, which would be ok, however it tasted like a burning campfire mixed with burned marshmallows.