October Female athlete of the month: Madison Youmans


Linsey Mathews

Madison Youmans

Every month, the Athletic Director, Matt McDonald, picks one male and one female athlete to recognize. This recognition is meant to reveal the accomplishments of said athletes within their sport. For the month of October, the female athlete was senior Madison Youmans.

The process that goes into picking each athlete of the month, goes through many people and stages before it can come down to one student. This goes to show that Madison has done so much to show love to her team and her peers, and her classmates wanted her to be awarded for all she has done.

Madison is a senior on the competition cheer team and was nominated for her leadership during the season. Following in the footsteps of her coach, Madison has become a great leader and example to her team. Not only does she constantly encourage her team and remind them of their potential, but they do the same for her.

“My biggest supporters during my sport are my teammates because everyday they are encouraging me to be my best and are always there for me no matter what,” she says. Madison also added that her coach has no limit to the support that she gives to her, “…she always believes in me and pushes me each day to be my best.”

Madison is a hard worker and loves to try new things. She leads her team to be the best that they can be and has set a great example to her underclassmen teammates. A new challenge Madison has accepted is to continue cheering during college. “If you were to ask me my freshman year if I would get an offer, I probably would have said no but over the past few years I have worked super hard to get to where I am today. Never have I imagined I would be where I am today or getting an offer from a college.” She said. Madison is happy to see that her hard work is being recognized through the eyes of a college and her peers. She has truly earned this spotlight through her years as a competition cheerleader at Lanier.