Devious Licks steal TikTok


Jose Quintanilla

Vandalism in the boys bathroom

The new school year has already been hard on teachers and staff alike, and as if that isn’t enough, a new social media trend called Devious Licks has been popping up all over the internet, specifically TikTok. Devious Licks are when students steal or destroy anything on school property. Some examples are mirrors, soap dispensers, sinks, and urinals.
Multiple schools have offered cash rewards for information on who’s committing these offensives. They are impacting people’s ability to use the restroom, and are making things less convenient for students. It’s also impacting schools’ budgets because they have to spend money to repair or replace the items damaged. Ebony Thornton, a Spanish teacher in Gwinnett County Public Schools, said, “Everyone’s just treading water right now.” Although the destruction of the restrooms has been around schools for decades, it has never been at this caliber. Even Lanier has been hit.
Mrs. LeMaster, a Language Arts teacher here at Lanier says, “Someone took my clock, so it affects me because I can’t tell what the time is, but jokes on them because they can’t either because they can’t have their phones in my class.” When asked why she thought this was happening she responded, “for some reason [people think] TikTok trends are cool when they’re actually really dumb, so I think it’s a trying to be cool thing. It is something they will look back on in ten years and regret” While this trend continues to go on there is still some hope with time that it will stop.