Review of the First Generation’s Summit


first generation club

University of North Georgia event

On November 6, students from Lanier High School attended the third annual First Generation Foundation Leadership Summit at the University of North Georgia, which recognized and honored the Georgia First Generation Foundation’s five-year Revolution. At this event, students learned new things about how to be able to apply for the university and what requirements they need.
Every student had to fill out a registration form based on the major they planned to pursue. The majors were the following: business, education, design, psychology, law, computer science, physical therapy, and engineering. I was fortunate enough to go on the trip where our first step was meeting the First Generation members, and we did a lot of activities, so we could get to know them all. After that we went to our major. For my experience, I went to physical therapy and the representative talked about this career, how it is in college, what classes we take, how difficult or easy it can be, and afterwards, she discussed how the job is and the various types of techniques that a physical therapist can employ.
I asked some students from senior and junior year what the best experience at the conference was. Barbara (senior) said, “It was the opportunity to learn about so many different aspects of each career and observe how it works in practice. The people from college and those who came from other schools to the conference communicated so well, and it was such a comfortable place to be with such lovely people and a lot of enthusiasm.”
Lucciana Castillo (junior) said, “My experience at the First Generation Summit was a great one. I loved the staff, everyone was so kind and ready to assist. Everything was so fun and interactive. The conference with the law department was awesome and interesting. They gave a lot of helpful information.”
At the end of the conference some of the representatives received rewards for being members of the First Generation club for more than 10 years. If this sounds interesting to you, I highly suggest you look into attending the summit next year!