Atlanta Braves win the world series!

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In 1999, the Atlanta Braves made the World Series where they played the New York Yankees and lost. 22 years later on Saturday, October 23, 2021, the Braves played the Los Angeles Dodgers and beat them four to two, ensuring their place in the 2021 World Series. The Braves’ series opponent was the 2017 World Champions, the Houston Astros.

Game one was on Tuesday, October 26 in Houston, Texas. Jorge Soler (12) started off the game with a slam to the left field. With that hit, the Braves had the advantage in the top of the first. At the top of the third, Adam Duvall (14) hit a rocket into left field bringing the score five to nothing. During the bottom of the third, Charlie Mortan got hurt and had to undergo x-rays, which showed a fracture in his right fibula. Due to that injury, he missed the rest of the 2021 World Series, but is expected to be back for spring training next season. The Braves won the game six to two, kicking off their game lead one to zero.

Game two was on Wednesday, October 27 in Houston, Texas. The Braves started out rocky with Eddie Rosario (8) being the first to strike out. The Astros hit back and pulled ahead at the bottom of the first. At the top of the second, Travis d’Arnaud (16) hit a homer down left field. The Astros pulled ahead again at the bottom of the second, leading four to one. The Astros continued to score after the second inning, winning game two of the World Series, seven to two.

Game three took place on Friday, October 29 in Atlanta, Georgia. At the beginning of the game, the Braves had a nice double play. During the bottom of the third, Austin Riley (27) hit down the line and brought Rosario home, the game was one to zero with Atlanta on top. Bottom of the eighth, Drew Smyly (18) hit a home run down the middle. His hit ended game three, two to zero, putting Atlanta in the lead for the series.

Game four took place Saturday, October 30 in Atlanta. The Astros kicked off the game by scoring the first run. At the top of the second, Riley had an excellent catch, which secured the Astros second run of the game. Atlanta had a comeback in the bottom of the sixth: Rosario with a double, Ozzie Albies (1) striking out, and Riley with a hit that brought Rosario home. Towards the bottom of the seventh, it was a two to one game when Dansby Swanson (7) hit deep into right field, and Soler hit into left field, putting Atlanta in the lead. Atlanta came out on top winning the fourth game of the World Series three to two.

The fifth game took place on Halloween in Atlanta, Georgia. The game started off with a grand slam from Duvall in the bottom of the first, putting Atlanta in the lead, four to zero. After the grand slam, Houston picked up their pace and had two consecutive runs in the second inning. At the top of the third, the Astros got two more runs, which tied the game. After Freeman’s hit deep into center field in the bottom of the third, the score was five to four with Atlanta in the lead. During this game the Braves had several great plays, but it just wasn’t enough. The game ended, nine to five in favor of the Houston Astros.

Game six of the World Series was a make it or break it situation for the Atlanta Braves. This was going to be the hardest game because Atlanta could win it all or Houston could tie it up and take the series into a seventh game. The game took place in Houston on Tuesday, November 2. The Braves started at bat first and had several nice hits, but Houston was ready for them. During the bottom of the first, Houston had a ground hit causing Max Fried (54) to have his ankle stepped on, but he got back up and continued to pitch, striking out the next few batters. Throughout the first two innings, Atlanta and Houston went head to head, but it all changed when Soler went up to bat. He hit a high fly ball deep into the left field, bringing the score three to zero for Atlanta. At the top of the fifth, Freeman hit deep and off the wall bringing Soler home. At that point, Atlanta was up five to zero. The bottom of the fifth started off with a strikeout. Freeman made the score seven to nothing in the top of the seventh. At the bottom of the ninth, the Braves played smart and brought the final innings of the game together. The Braves brought home the World Series title for Atlanta. At the end of the game, Freddie Freeman spoke out with a gigantic smile, “I’m lost for words. This is it. This is everything you work for. We’re in November right now and we’ve been doing this since February and we’ve had so many ups and downs this year and for us to be world champions, that is awesome to hear.” This year was huge to Atlanta Braves fans and even the players themselves to see the player achieve their goal that they have working for is an excellent feeling to them and their fans around the world.