New baseball coach- Coach May


Florida A&M University

Colby May when he was a hitting coach at Florida A&M University.

For the 2021-2022 baseball season, Lanier High School hired the extremely experienced and disciplined, Colby May, to their coaching staff. As a result of his passion for the sport and his credible reputation, he assumed the role of head coach for the baseball program here at Lanier. Throughout his career, May has experienced both sides of the ball from all different levels. As someone who played baseball throughout his adolescent years and at the college level for the Georgia Bulldogs, he understands the pressure and drive it takes to become a successful player. Apart from being a player, he also understands the importance of being an honest and dedicated coach since he has served as the head coach at Bethlehem Christian Academy, an assistant coach at Valdosta State, and the hitting coach at Tallahassee Community College. Not only is he distinguished in the fields of playing and coaching, but he has also had experience on the business side of baseball where he was a staff member at Auburn, Georgia, Georgia Southern, and Vanderbilt and scouted for the Atlanta Braves. On top of Coach May’s tiers of experience, he also has a social media platform where he makes videos about the baseball tips and insights he has learned over the years.

Despite May’s great range of success, when asked what his greatest career accomplishment has been thus far, he narrowed it down to one, “My greatest accomplishment was probably my first year of coaching high school baseball when we won the state championship, and the year after that we made it all the way to the final four.”

As a coach and player who knows how it feels to win and lose, he has very authentic goals for the Lanier baseball program this season.

“I want all of my players to play at the next level, and I want them to be as successful in the classroom as they are on the field. I also want to teach my players the game, so that they will be prepared for life because baseball teaches you a lot about life. It teaches you how to overcome obstacles and failure. With this being said, I am very excited to see them grow as adults on and off the field this season,” Coach May said when asked what he expected out of the season.

The Herd and the Lanier community are very excited to see where Coach May’s leadership and expertise leads the baseball team this season. We wish them luck as they head into tryouts in January!