Dollar Tree is more than a dollar


Saniya Scott

Dollar Tree Plus Aisle in the Dollar Tree on 1935 Buford Mill Drive

Need to get a few things for a party, but don’t have much money? That’s what Dollar Tree is for! Dollar Tree is a store that sells various items for only one dollar each. The store has brought millions of people who have grown to love due to the items that they sell and the very reasonable price. Recently though, Dollar Tree has made a new, more-than-a-dollar, section called “Dollar Tree Plus.” This section sells items that are more than a dollar and has been spread throughout dollar trees in almost 8,000 locations. It has been around for a few months, and all the new items range from one dollar and 25 cents to a five dollar maximum price.
This new Dollar Tree Plus section includes items that are more advanced than the regular items that are sold for a dollar. These items include five dollar posters, pillows, phone and ipad cases, as well as chargers,wireless headphones, blankets, pillows, various art supplies, etc. These items can be seen as an improvement to dollar trees all over the globe as due to their being more variety. With the new items that they are selling it can increase the different types of customers. The previous dollar tree only had items that could be used by android users when it came to tech.This new section has made it easier for Apple users to get items for their phones and at a cheap price as well. Although this new selection can be seen as an improvement there can be certain customers that dislike this new add in to Dollar Tree stores.
Dollar Tree has been a store where everything has only been just a dollar since it was founded in 1986, and customers of this store have been familiar with these prices as well. This new selection can be a new change for them and their opinion on the store can change as well. There has been a mixed reaction to this selection from social media and to the news about Dollar Tree. Although this can be good and bad, the main purpose of this selection was due to the rise of shipping and overall cost of goods. This resulted from the covid-19 global pandemic and has caused Dollar Tree to lose one dollar and 60 cents out of their shared profits since this year alone.
“I see this new section as an improvement, it gives the store more variety and the new products that are being sold are worth their prices.” Said Diane Harvey, a loyal customer of the Dollar Tree brand for many years.
To sum everything up we can say that this new more-than-a-dollar section was made due to the lost shared profits that the company lost due to the pandemic. This new section has new and better quality items that range from one dollar and 25 cents to a five dollar maximum. The items are more inclusive so customers with different types of phones and devices are now allowed to buy products for their devices like changers, cases, and headphones. Room decor and art supplies have a better variety as well. There can be different opinions for this new section to dollar trees. Most of them have been positive but some do not like this new decision because it beats the original trademark of the store that it’s known for , that all products sold are one dollar. WIth everything taken into consideration it’s safe to say that the overall customers have had a high satisfaction with this new selection and the decision for it was for the better of the company and the customers.
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