New homeless shelter opens in Gwinnett

Gwinnett Daily Post

HomeFirst has opened the very first homeless shelter in Gwinnett County, called The Resting Spot. The reason Gwinnett county never had a homeless shelter is because most homeless people choose the streets instead of the shelter since they’ll likely not qualify for the application. But, The Resting Spot founders decided to put aside their selfishness and open it up. The Resting Spot’s main mission is to help single women, mothers, and children. However, their future target audience will depend on the community. There will be 20 beds and they will provide residents a place to stay for up to 90 days.
Since the pandemic, their goal is to provide resources, a place to sleep, and services that can help residents get where they need to be to start living for themselves. The Resting Spot officially opened in August and the officials gathered to cut the red ribbon and take in their first family. They will continue to grow their resident population to build a reputation and help people in need get back on their feet. The Resting Spot will be beneficial for Gwinnett County because there will be less people on the streets and more people in homes living safely.