Why Taylor Swift’s “All too Well” is about Jake Gyllenhaal




Taylor Swift’s Red (Taylor’s Version) dropped on November 12th. Along with the drop came with a bunch of additional songs that were originally cut from the first Red album. A song that has caught a lot of attention from her fans is, All Too Well (10 minute Version) (Taylor’s Version). As with all of her songs, the Swifties rushed to guess who her song is about. Although it isn’t confirmed by Taylor herself, I believe All Too Well is 100% about Jake Gyllenhaal.
1. First of all, Taylor and Jake dated at the end 2010 for about three months, and in the lyrics it says, “Swearing it’s the same, after three months in the grave.” Also the timeline just fits together perfectly, she gets broken up, and has a year to grieve and write and record an album.
2. Also it says, “And I left my scarf there at your sister’s house, and you’ve still got it in your drawer even now.” This is a picture of Jake and Taylor wearing the same scarf. These were taken months apart after the split. See anything interesting?

3. Also when Taylor and Jake were dating, Taylor was 20 while Jake was 29, and in All Too Well it says, “You said if we had been closer in age, maybe it would have been fine.” With all of Taylor’s relationships around the same time none of them had a huge age gap, and Taylor and Jake have a nine year age gap.
4. Also in the new short film when they are around the dinner table with all of Jake’s friends. Everyone’s glass was almost empty, but Taylor’s was full. This is because she is underage and can’t drink alcohol. In the timeline of the lyrics she has yet to turn 21. Also, In All Too Well it says, “It’s supposed to be fun … Turning 21.” This is because he missed her 21st birthday party. She said once in an interview her 21st birthday wasn’t fun. Her birthday is December 13th, which is within the time of them dating.

So in conclusion, with all of the things that I just stated. “All Too Well” is without a doubt about Jake Gyllenhaal and I dare you to prove me otherwise.

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